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2017-10-11 2026

introduction: this article is about VMware, Pivotal, and Google Cloud jointly launching a new Kubernetes-based Container Service-Pivotal Container Service(PKS) [editor's words] customized application is no longer a difficult problem-virtual giants jointly Pivotal with Google, integrate your product line with Kubernetes Container Orchestration system.
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this article is about VMware, Pivotal, and Google Cloud work together to launch a new Kubernetes-based Container Service-Pivotal Container Service(PKS) [Editor's words] customization application is no longer a difficult problem-virtual giants work together Pivotal and Google to fully integrate their product lines with Kubernetes Container Orchestration system. [Brain-burning Kubernetes practice training camp] This training theory is combined with practice, mainly including: Kubernetes architecture and resource scheduling principle, Kubernetes DNS and service discovery, continuous deployment plan based on Kubernetes and Jenkins, kubernetes network deployment practices, monitoring, log, Kubernetes cloud native applications, CentOS deployed in Kubernetes cluster, Kubernetes the containers in the design pattern, development Kubernetes native applications steps describe etc.

Importance of developing customized applications

digital reform is creating many new business models. Whether it is Palm Bank, personalized retail, intelligent medical treatment or Internet cars, customized applications are constantly emerging, and play a crucial role in the customer brand experience and income generation of modern enterprises. To complete this digital transformation, enterprises need to actively build a path to the other side of cloud native. Specifically, it actively starts the modern transformation of applications by repackaging applications into container formats, providing developers with frameworks and tools, and expanding container services across private and public clouds, and then on the road of building twelve factors and microservice-based applications and their infrastructure. Enterprises gain competitive advantages by relying on customized applications. In turn, customized applications rely on container service to accelerate innovation, reduce marketing time, and continuously improve scalability and availability. Ultimately, IT agencies need to provide the development team with container infrastructure to ensure its success.

Kubernetes and container ecosystem

Kubernetes is an automated deployment, scaling, and management system for containerized applications. It has become a standardized container orchestration platform at the objective level. The Kubernetes framework provides many key application layer capabilities, such as application orchestration, scaling, running status monitoring, and repair. It is more worth mentioning that various functions of Kubernetes can be fully used by users through a set of concise and consistent REST API. Although Kubernetes is at the center of the cloud-native ecosystem, it is still challenging to build and operate a powerful and reliable enterprise-level container service system in the production environment.
  • Although Linux containers are not new, open-source container projects are still evolving and immature-especially in terms of delivering capabilities required by enterprises.
  • Container frameworks lack key capabilities in some areas, such as security, multi-tenant, identity, and access management.
  • Although Kubernetes provides multiple utility tools at the application layer, the tools that can be used to reliably deploy, maintain, monitor, and scale the underlying infrastructure are still lagging behind.
  • Finally, the end-to-end overall technical stack support from trusted partners is still limited.

VMware Pivotal Container Service Introduced

to meet these challenges, VMware, Pivotal, and Google Cloud are working together to develop VMware Pivotal Container Service , also known as VMware PKS. VMware PKS is a customized product designed to promote Kubernetes to support the production environment in the environment of enterprises and service providers. Its features include: to implement simple deployment, scaling, and self-repair capabilities, VMware PKS BOSH in order to obtain the best network and security performance, it adopts NSX-T ; Seamless integration with existing VMware tool chains such as vRealize Suite and Wavefront. VMware PKS is an open-source project. Kubo the commercial version of (Kuberenetes on Bosh). Kubo was introduced by Pivotal and Google in February 2017 to meet the needs of customers to deploy Kubernetes locally, and was subsequently donated to the Cloud Foundry Foundation in June of the same year. It combines Kubernetes container scheduling and orchestration capabilities, as well as BOSH's cluster management, release engineering, and automation capabilities. BOSH is an open-source software for configuring and managing large-scale distributed systems. It is an intelligent cluster management tool that integrates the functions of running status management and logging, and provides various expert options-all of which enable PKS to run well. BOSH has been working in Pivotal Cloud Foundry for many years, helping many managers build a consistent, self-repairing, and zero downtime update environment. As a crucial component, it is regularly and timely updated Kubernetes the release version of the main line, making VMware PKS always compatible with GKE. The focus of WMware NSX is to deal with various application frameworks and architectures that are constantly released. Its access points and technology stacks are heterogeneous. In addition to vSphere hypervisor, these environments may also contain other hypervisor, containers, bare metal devices, and public clouds. NSX also considers the management, operation, and use scenarios of the development department in its design-rather than limited to IT (departments). VMware PKS will also include a Open Service Broker API for joint development and maintenance, which will continuously maintain compatibility with GKE. This enables PKS users to use some innovative services of GCP in applications, such as BigQuery, Spanner, and Machine Learning, while ensuring that applications can be quickly and simply migrated between PKS and GKE. In terms of management and operation, VMware PKS will seamlessly integrate with the entire VMware vRealize product line, including vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, and vRealize Log Insight. vRealize Suite is an enterprise-level cloud management platform that provides the most complete heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environment management solutions in the industry. VMware PKS will also be integrated with Wavefront and vRealize Network Insight(vRNI) to help enterprises gain visibility across virtual and physical networks, thus realizing the ability to plan and deploy micro-segmentation. For today's scenarios where millions of real-time data points are created per second, the operational visibility provided by Wavefront will also play an important role in optimization. In addition, VMware PKS will be included in VMware Cloud Provider plan and can be delivered to other service suppliers through integration VMware Cloud Director. PKS will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017. Pivotal and VMware will sell and provide technical support through their respective channels and VMware Cloud Provider partner programs. VMware PKS, Dell-EMC will also enter the market through VxRail Appliances and VxRack Systems, and Dell will provide a set of certified hyper-integration infrastructure and data protection implementation Foundation.

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Original title: VMware, Pivotal, and Google Cloud work together to launch a new Kubernetes-based Container Service-Pivotal Container Service(PKS)

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