Following Cloud and Machine Learning, the third keyword of OOW2017-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

With the continuous autumn rain, we solemnly bid farewell to the holiday and ushered in another journey of dream building.

In the past National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Oracle OpenWorld 2017 was grandly opened in San Francisco, USA. At this grand technology feast, we felt the power of innovation and change through timely sharing from the scene. Technology is changing with each passing day. No matter individuals or enterprises, they will be eliminated without change. (Larry Ellison personally supported, after Database automation, where will DBA go?)

mr. Gai summarized the technical points of OOW2017 from the following five aspects: the beginning of the cloud journey, setting sail; From the internet of things to the blockchain; Autonomous automation and innovation; Oracle 18c, to be released next year; technical community, developers first. Reference: Beginning of Yuncheng: Summary of 2017 Oracle OpenWorld conference

it is not difficult to see that Cloud and Machine Learning become the two main keywords of OOW. After years of hard work, Oracle successfully transformed into a cloud company and became the first comprehensive cloud company. On the cloud platform, relying on big data and intelligent algorithms, the Oracle database is successfully pushed to a new level.

This is a data era, and the value of data is constantly highlighted. Driven by data, business requirements for data applications have also increased unprecedentedly. There are mainly the following aspects:

  1. Make Data Always Available - No Outages Data continuity without interruption
  2. Get Data to Where it is Needed to keep Data available anytime and anywhere at Right Time
  3. Access Data in Any Format ensure that Data can be accessed in Any Format
  4. Govern Data so that it can be Trusted ensure Data credibility through Data governance

how to better mine and utilize the value of data first needs to understand our data. Big Data is also one of the main keywords of OOW2017.

Four VVS can be used to describe where big data comes from:

volume: large amount of Scale of Data, large Scale Velocity:Analysis of Streaming Data speed, that is, fast change, strong timeliness Variety:Different forms of Data multiple manifestations Veracity:Uncertainty of Data Uncertainty of Data

su Meng, CEO of the percentage group, once put forward the "3I theory" of future commercial organizations in an interview ". 1. Independence (Independence) represents the data dominance of an enterprise and the long tail innovation in a fully competitive market environment. 2. Integration (Integration) refers to the connection of production factors, cooperation of production methods, and fading of business boundaries. 3. Intelligence (Intelligence), that is, data thinking detonates the intelligent revolution. In the future, business will evolve towards Intelligence, which is mainly reflected in decision-making Intelligence and Operation Intelligence.

With the development of Internet technology, data in all walks of life is continuously expanding. For huge data, human cognition is very limited. Only by using corresponding big data technology for analysis and processing can the huge value contained in the data be excavated, thus being used for business decision-making and operation of enterprises.

It takes too much time and money to download big data to relational databases for analysis. Therefore, big data analysis is often associated with cloud computing. Real-time big data analysis requires a real-time computing platform.

Starting from 12.2, Oracle 12C has introduced many new features and functions based on Big Data in Data warehouses. For more information, see Oracle 12.2 new features Manual-Volume 7 Big Data and Data Warehousing

oracle's transformation to the cloud and big data is strong. Continuous technological innovations lead the industry to move forward and break through the limitations of traditional relational databases to grow.

In order to give full play to the value of Data, Oracle launched a new Oracle Big Data Platform at this OOW 2017 conference, while Big Data technology is reflected in the design of all levels of the Platform. Reference:

in addition, a variety of new Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data Platform-based Big Data SQL have been introduced.

The architecture of the Big Data SQL is as follows:

after the application is Big Data SQL, the composite I/O can be reduced through intelligent scanning.

As more and more enterprises adopt the cloud, data migration is still a key challenge. Customers are trying to use various tools to migrate data to the cloud, but these migration methods are still scattered and fragile. This year, Oracle launched Oracle Gloden Gate 12.3 to meet the migration requirements in the big data environment, the cloud seamlessly migrates big data through modular and pluggable architecture design.

The migration process is as follows:

in addition, targeted enhancements have been made to Data Guard environment. The general architecture design is as follows:

the architecture for failover between sites is as follows:

the application of big data technology can greatly improve Database Scalability and distributed speed, reduce the cost of open-source databases, reduce transaction processing time, and analyze data in real time, machine learning, AI algorithm development, and data value mining again.

In the current market, the big data market integrates technology and services, forming a new and rapid development wave. The big data industry is growing rapidly and its scale continues to expand.

The original article was published on: 2017-10-09 author: Sun Xue this article is from Yunqi community partner "data and cloud". For more information, please pay attention to "data and cloud" WeChat public account

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