Alibaba Cloud Li Feifei: in the era of All in Cloud, Cloud-native databases have obvious advantages-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

On May 8th, at DTCC 2019 (the 10th China database technology conference), Li Feifei, head of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent database product line, made a speech and pointed out that in the era of All in Cloud, Cloud-native databases have outstanding advantages, the application trend is increasing.

(The red line indicates the commercial database that needs to purchase License, and the blue line indicates the open source database and cloud-native Database.)

according to Li Feifei, Alibaba Cloud Database has formed a complete data migration link to the cloud. First, use the DTS Data transmission tool to migrate the offline database to the online database, and then select the database as needed.

Based on a wide range of database categories, such as relational databases, analytic databases, and NoSQL databases, Alibaba Cloud databases basically cover all enterprise-level scenarios. It has 100,000 customers worldwide, including leading enterprises in the fields of finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics, such as Sinopec, China Unicom and SAIC Volkswagen.

Cloud-native databases have the most outstanding advantages. In 2018, Alibaba Cloud took the lead in the release of the self-developed cloud-native database POLARDB in China, with innovative design of storage and computing separation and software and hardware integration. In March this year, POLARDB became the first cloud-native database compatible with Oracle in the industry. Large enterprises can migrate their business within a few hours, and it only takes 10 minutes to back up 10TB of data.

POLARDB builds a shared storage architecture through a high-speed RDMA network, which enables fast auto scaling and scaling. A single instance can be scaled out to 1000 cores and 100TB of storage space, it can meet the needs of large-scale business scenarios. It has excellent cost performance, 10 times more cost performance than traditional commercial databases in the data capacity of 100TB. It also has financial-level high availability.

Li Feifei recalled that in the past 40 years, the database form has basically experienced the evolution from traditional commercial databases, open-source databases to cloud-native databases.

However, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things technologies, massive amounts of data have erupted, posing completely different requirements for databases. The more important cause of environmental change is that the All in Cloud trend. IDC predicts that the volume of data on the cloud will exceed that of traditional data centers by 2021.

In this new era, commercial databases are challenged due to their high costs, high O & M difficulties, and low scalability and availability. The cloud-native database is customized for the cloud and has the elasticity of cloud computing. It features the ease of use and openness of open-source databases and the management and processing performance of traditional databases, become the best choice for enterprises.

In the 2018 database Magic Quadrant released by Gartner, Alibaba Cloud and AWS were both selected and became the two dark horses in the database market.

In addition, Li Feifei also shared Alibaba Cloud's innovative research on databases, such as extreme horizontal expansion and extreme analysis of massive data.

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