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API plays the role of "technology Glue", which can help enterprises connect and integrate different business logic and data inside and outside the enterprise. The API market is gradually forming a new ecosystem, for callers, they can quickly integrate different services into their own products and quickly enrich product functions; For providers, they can realize their services, professional capabilities and professional data through API operations. The following section describes how to use API Gateway to cash in your API.

API Gateway provides high-performance and high-availability API hosting services to help users open services deployed on Alibaba Cloud products such as ECS and container service. Users only need to implement their own core business logic, provides its own core data services and exposes them through API Gateway. This service can be applied to different user groups, such as IoT, mobile users, and WEB users, for multi-end users, the service call range is extended.

after API Gateway opens API services, you can connect to the API market, become an API service provider, and sell your own API services through the API market, let your professional technology and data achieve the ability to cash in. Alibaba Cloud Marketplace provides an API market for API service providers to sell API services. Service providers can also use the number of users in the cloud market to enhance API cashability and expand API influence.

you can use different billing modes for different APIs. API service providers can combine different billing modes and billing dimensions based on the characteristics of APIs. For example, you can package and sell APIs by number of times and pay-as-you-go APIs by traffic. The following are the billing methods and dimensions:

billing method:


the caller can enjoy the API service by purchasing. Once the purchased service runs out, the caller can continue to enjoy the API service calling service by purchasing or renewing the service again.

You can purchase packages by number or subscription.


deduct the caller's account balance based on the caller's actual call expenses. The caller can recharge the account to enjoy the API call service.

Billing dimension:

number of calls

it is billed based on the number of API calls. It is suitable for functional APIs, such as authentication APIs.


billed based on inbound or outbound traffic. It is suitable for content-based APIs, such as translation APIs.

API Gateway User Manual

data market API Access Guide

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