Detailed description of the API.AI purchased by Google from then on, the machine began to speak "Human talk"-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

On September 23, according to a report by the foreign website theusport, Google recently announced the acquisition of the start-up enterprise API that provides chatbot development tools. AI, use API.AI developers can easily create a dialog user interface that supports both text and speech recognition.

API.AI supports 15 languages

API.AI APIs allow computers to understand human languages and transform them into actions through technologies such as speech recognition, intent recognition, and context understanding, and help developers build Siri-like Dialogic intelligence assistants, can be used for chat robots, apps, smart home appliances, etc.

Google pointed out that more than 60,000 developers have currently used API.AI, including Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik and other communication software. API.AI currently supports 15 languages and dialects, including English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. API.AI's own chatbot Assistant Assistant has more than 20 million users.

Speech recognition war between Facebook and Google

before that, Google had rich experience in Natural Language processing and opened its own speech recognition tool Google Natural Language API this year for developers to use for free.

In addition, Google has also launched intelligent voice Assistant Google Assistant similar to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, and integrated them into its instant messaging software Allo, which can prompt replies and assist in booking restaurants. The acquisition of API.AI makes it easier for Google to convert human languages and understand the intentions behind these words.

In addition to Google, Facebook has also strengthened its voice recognition function in its communication software, except for acquiring WIT, a voice recognition company, in 2015. AI also tests to convert Facebook Messenger voice content into text so that the receiver can read it directly. Facebook's WhatsApp is integrated with Siri in iOS 10, which can directly use voice to indicate WhatsApp to make phone calls or send messages.

Voice recognition + Bluetooth headset = Voice era coming

with voice recognition technology, what smart phones can do in the future may no longer need to open the phone to complete.

The internet Queen Mary Mick (Mary Meeker) pointed out in the report that the voice era is coming. She said, "Voice is the most efficient input form of operation". In addition, the voice interface can also predict the intention behind our conversation more easily, so that we don't have to browse from the home page, directly enter the desired function.

This trend can also be seen from the wireless headset AirPods launched by Apple, AirPods built-in wireless microphone, allowing users to call Siri at any time easily. It is conceivable that the communication channel with intelligent assistants in the future may gradually shift from mobile phones to earphones. Perhaps we don't have to spend so much time staring at the screen of mobile phones.

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