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introduction: the website is online. If you want to know how your visitors find you and how they interact with your website, Google Analytics (analysis) can tell you all relevant information. Concept Web analytics Google Analytics Web analytics provides the tools for gather...
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网站上线了,如果您想要知道您的访问者是如何找到您以及他们是如何与您的网站互动的,Google Analytics(分析)可以告诉您所有相关信息。
概念 Web analytics Google Analytics
Web analytics provides the tools for gathering this information and enables you to benchmark the effects.

web analytics covers many areas that require different methodologies or data-collection techniques. For example, offsite tools are used to measure the size of your potential audience (opportunity), your share of voice (visibility), and the buzz (comments/sentiment) that is happening on the Internet as a whole. These are relevant metrics regardless of your website's existence. Conversely, onsite tools measure the visitor's onsite journey, its drivers, and your website's performance. These are directly related to your website's existence.

Web analytics is a business process used to continuously improve your online business.

Google Analytics is a tool to quantitatively measure what happens on your website. Google Analytics is an onsite visitor-reporting tool

Just because you have Google Analytics does not mean you are doing web analytics.


Google Analytics 在线分析工具
Web analytics范围更广,包括离线、在线分析



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for example, Google Analytics Tracking Code(GATC)



Google Insights ( search and parse


to perform the analysis, follow these steps:

1. Gather and document business requirements.

2. Analyze and document website architecture.

3. Create a Google Analytics account and configure profiles.

4. Configure the Google Analytics tracking code and tag website pages.

5. Tag marketing campaigns.

6. Create additional user accounts and configure the following reporting features:

Report access

• Automated email report delivery

• Reporting customizations (Custom Reports, Advanced Segments)

7. Perform the following optional configuration steps:

• Enable e-commerce transaction tracking

• Implement event tracking

• Implement custom variables


how Google Analytics works


Google Analytics account relationships


specific when using the steps:

1. Register an account, bind relevant URLs, and set tracking information

2. Add the trace code snippet to the webpage on the bound url.

3. After a certain period of time, you can view the website access report


in addition to this free analysis, google also provides an offline paid software URCHIN

The choice of the two is based on:

Google Analytics is much easier to implement, has stronger AdWords integration, and by comparison is maintenance free.

Urchin is the best fit Select Urchin if:

• You have an intranet site behind a firewall that blocks Internet activity. Google Analytics is a hosted solution that needs access to the Internet in order to work.

• You are unable to tag your pages.

• You are a hosting provider wishing to offer visitor reports to thousands of customers. Urchin has a command-line interface that can be scripted to create and modify multiple website reports at once. That is, Urchin has greater flexibility when it comes to large-scale, multiuser deployments.


Through the preceding steps, you can easily analyze the website and view various reports. Of course, you can also use google api to view various information. For more information, see


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