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  [ original manuscript] in today's digital transformation, data has become another kind of important wealth second only to energy resources, thus the data storage and management system has stepped forward from behind the scenes. Facing the explosive growth of the total amount of data, how to effectively analyze and mine the data to grasp users' needs and seize new business opportunities poses a huge challenge to the storage system. Facing pressure, enterprises must make full use of new products and technologies, continuously upgrade and improve the storage architecture, and use high-performance, high-flexibility, high-availability and high-security storage systems to meet challenges and obtain data value.

The storage architecture must be future-oriented to meet the needs of next-generation data centers.

According to IDC's prediction, by 2020, the global data volume will double every two years to 44ZB. In addition, as the data volume increases, the data storage method is also changing. Data is no longer hidden on encryption devices behind the firewall, but becomes more scattered, dynamic, and diversified.

You Qinghong, technical director of NetApp Greater China

you Qinghong, technical director of NetApp in Greater China, believes that the rapid growth of the total amount of data, the continuous enrichment of data types, and the large-scale deployment of flash memory and cloud services all require a more flexible and reliable storage architecture, efficiently Manage data across environments. He said that more and more customers are using multiple cloud services at the same time, and the data management and storage methods are completely different for different business types, markets and data. Data can be stored anywhere between internal facilities and the cloud, which helps enterprises solve the problem of massive data storage and brings new challenges to data management. IT executives urgently need to use existing tools and budgets to manage large amounts of data in a limited time and use these data to create new value for enterprises.

You Qinghong told reporters: "In the era of digital economy, data is money. In the tide of digital transformation, the storage architecture needs to be able to help enterprises explore data value and promote business development. Facing the rapid development and transformation of business, enterprises must deploy future-oriented storage architectures to meet the needs of the next generation of data centers."

build an IT infrastructure suitable for the future with NetApp All-Flash memory

in the face of massive amounts of diversified data, the disadvantages of traditional disk storage have gradually become prominent and cannot meet the needs of data mining. To obtain data value, it is imperative to deploy all-flash memory storage. You Qinghong said that all-flash memory storage has multiple advantages that traditional disk storage cannot match and can promote enterprise business development more efficiently.

First, all-flash memory has powerful performance. The NetApp All-Flash solution can provide up to 7 million IOPS. Compared with the previous generation, the latency is reduced by half and the performance is doubled. For example, the German National Meteorological Administration (DWD) successfully shortened the response time of the application from 15 seconds to 1 second with the NetApp flash memory solution, and increased the calculation speed of weather forecast by 14 times, important weather information is delivered to emergency personnel at a faster speed. With NetApp's all-flash solution, Shanghai Foreign Service Cloud has successfully reduced the time required to develop and deploy new features and services by 50%. The new system built by the NetApp All-Flash memory solution reduces the latency during peak hours to less than 0.7ms and increases the transaction processing speed by 2-3 times.

Secondly, all-flash memory can effectively reduce the comprehensive cost of enterprises and realize the transformation of economic benefits of data centers. With the 15TB SSD released for the first time in the industry, NetApp helps enterprises reduce their energy consumption to 1/11 of the original level, while the storage usage is reduced to 1/19 of the original level. Not long ago, NetApp replaced the existing devices of about 9 cabinets with a rack containing three sets of A700 15tbssd. After the update, the total occupied space of all hardware is reduced from 380U to 36U, and the energy consumption is reduced from 36.5kW to 6.5kW, which is 82%. If calculated according to PUE = 1.5 and electricity bill $0.08 cents/kWh, the energy consumption cost will be reduced from $32,000 to $6800. If it is a leased or outsourced data center, the cost will be further doubled.

Finally, all-flash memory can help customers build IT infrastructure that meets future needs and protect their IT investment. In an increasingly complex data and storage environment, enterprises need an integrated data management solution. This solution should be safe and efficient, adapt to the future, and allow customers to choose freely. NetApp Data Fabric is designed for Data centers. NetApp Data Fabric can effectively simplify and integrate Data management regardless of whether Data is stored locally or in the cloud. In addition, with the seamless extension and NVMe technology that supports software upgrades provided by NetApp Data Fabric, customers can meet current and future changing business needs and adapt to future IT infrastructure, and build the next generation of all-flash data center.

In NetApp Data Fabric, the ONTAP operating system is a crucial part. It is a software specially built for modern enterprises and can simplify and build a Data infrastructure that meets future needs, run industry-leading enterprise-level data management software. ONTAP has the flexibility, elasticity, availability and maintainability which are incomparable to other products. In addition, ONTAP also provides a series of industry-leading advanced enterprise functions to meet customers' complex needs and future business capabilities.

You Qinghong said that in the All-Flash memory field, NetApp has launched a variety of products, solutions and quality services. From high-end all-flash-memory FAS(AFF) to SolidFire designed for the next generation of data centers, to cost-effective E series and EF series, as well as the hyper-converged HCI architecture based on all-flash memory and the NetApp Data Fabric of simplifying Data management, NetApp is making efforts to help customers stride forward to all-flash memory.

Transforming from a storage company to a data company, giving customers the ability to change the world with data

As an old data storage and management manufacturer established in 1992, NetApp recently celebrated its 25th birthday. At this time, NetApp launched a new brand strategy and a long-term goal: to give customers the ability to change the world with data.

In an interview with reporters, you Qinghong said that since the establishment of the company in 1992, NetApp has been providing customers with world-leading data storage and management solutions. At present, NetApp customers are in a critical period of time to face the severe challenges brought by the data economy. More and more enterprises regard digital transformation as their top priority in the strategic agenda. In order to successfully transform, data is becoming the blood of enterprises and flowing seamlessly inside. With the help of data technology, new customer contact points have been created, and enterprise operations will be continuously optimized to create new businesses and new business opportunities for enterprises.

"Like customers, NetApp itself is undergoing digital transformation, and hopes to give full play to its 25-year accumulation and accumulation capabilities, and take advantage of NetApp's insight into technology and industry, give customers the ability to change the world with data. This is the long-term goal of NetApp and a key step for NetApp to transform from a storage company to a data company." You Qinghong said so.

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source: 51CTO
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