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On November 15, 2018, Alibaba Cloud HBR successfully passed the official SAP certification. Alibaba Cloud was one of the first cloud vendors to pass the SAP cloud backup certification after GCP passed the SAP cloud backup certification, this means that the HANA-based application system deployed on the Alibaba Cloud platform can perform unified backup management with the cloud-native HBR backup system, and is guaranteed by SAP official technical support. Go to the HBR homepage

SAP HANA, as a professional database with powerful functions and complex scenarios, is backup a very troublesome thing. Absolutely not. Alibaba Cloud HBR fully understands SAP HANA backup application scenarios. The design simplifies SAP HANA Backup. You only need to input information several times on the HBR console, with a few simple configurations, you can easily customize periodic backups.

Let me show you how to configure periodic backup and log backup SAP HANA in three steps.

1. Register a HANA environment:

first, we have deployed the SAP HANA environment on Alibaba Cloud, and then simply register the SAP HANA environment with HBR.

Go to the HBR console->ECS backup->SAP HANA backup-> Register a HANA instance

enter the corresponding instance information and click next to select the ECS node to install HANA.

2. Configure the database:
after registering the HANA instance, HBR automatically deploys the client on the ECS node selected in the next step. In the SAP HANA instance list, you can see the newly registered instance.
Click the instance ID to go to the instance management page, switch to the database information page, and click settings for log backup:
on the Settings page, set the settings according to the planned configuration, and click Create to configure the periodic log backup:
3. Configure a backup plan:

after completing the preceding steps, we only need to set up a periodic full backup step.

Return to the SAP HANA instance page and click backup.

Select a database that we need to protect

select scheduled backup:

click Create. Done!!!

In this way, we can protect SAP HANA database in three simple steps. On the backup plan page, you can see the backup plan you just created:

the Alibaba Cloud HBR service not only protects SAP HANA databases, but also uses the Data re-deletion "SAP HANA" technology for Data deduplication backup Data in HBR, this is a black technology that reduces backup data storage space by discovering duplicate data.

The black technology of data re-deletion can not only reduce the storage space of backup data, but also improve backup efficiency and reduce the time window required for backup. The application of this technology in SAP HANA can help users save costs and reduce the environmental load of backup.

  • For more information about the latest hybrid backup services, visit hybrid backup services. You can click the link to apply for public preview (
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