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In the previous section, we unveiled the mysterious veil of Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) (1): What is Cloud Computing Cloud Computing? We have learned the basic concepts of Cloud Computing. So what is Windows Azure, what are its important components and significant characteristics, who will benefit from it, and what tools does Microsoft provide for us to develop Windows Azure? Unveil the mysterious veil of Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) (2): approaching the Windows Azure , will answer you one by one. Finally, the download address of the white paper is given. If you are interested, you can download it.
OK, let me know now Windows Azure!
[1] introduction to Windows Azure:
on October 27th, 2008, at the professional developer conference PDC2008 held in Los Angeles, Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced Microsoft's cloud computing strategy and cloud computing platform-Windows Azure. The Azure™Services Platform (Azure) is an Internet-level cloud computing service Platform running on Microsoft's data center system. It provides operating systems and developer Services that can be used alone or together. Azure is a flexible and interoperable platform that can be used to create applications running in the cloud or strengthen existing applications through cloud-based features. Its open architecture provides developers with a choice of Web applications, applications of interconnected devices, personal computers, servers, or optimal online complex solutions.
Windows Azure takes cloud technology as its core and provides software and service computing methods. It is the foundation of Azure service platform. Azure is used to help developers develop next- generation applications that can span the cloud and professional data centers, creating a perfect user experience among various terminals such as PCs, Web, and mobile phones.
Azure can combine the personal capabilities of developers in the cloud with services hosted by Microsoft's global data center network, such as storage, computing, and network infrastructure services. In this way, developers can deploy applications on the cloud and on the client at the same time, so that enterprises and users can share resources. Ray Ozzie said. "Today, it is a turning point for both the development community and Microsoft. The technology we proposed will change the original rules of the game and bring new opportunities to Web developers and enterprise developers. Microsoft will ensure the openness and interoperability of Azure service platform from beginning to end. We are convinced that the business model of the enterprise and the user's experience of obtaining information from the Web will change accordingly. Most importantly, these technologies will enable our users to decide whether to deploy applications on cloud computing-based internet services or on clients, or combine the two according to actual needs.
Windows Azure service platform consists of five main parts: Windows Azure , Live Services , Microsoft SQL Services , Microsoft .NET Services, Microsoft®SharePoint®Services & Dynamics®CRM Services. The specific structure of the Windows Azure service platform is shown in the following figure:
(1)Windows Azure for service hosting and underlying scalable storage, computing, and network management.
2)Microsoft SQL Services, which can extend the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server applications to the cloud.
3)Microsoft .NET Services makes it convenient to create cloud-based loosely coupled applications. In addition, access control mechanisms are included to protect your program.
  4)Live Services provides a consistent method to process user data and program resources, so that users can store, share, synchronize documents, photos, files, and any information.
(5)Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services is used to provide Services for business content, collaboration, and rapid development in the cloud to establish stronger customer relationships.
Azure is the basic platform for all Microsoft cloud computing services, from Live services to data services, to space services that provide SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Applications can be run on the cloud or on a local system, as shown in the following figure:
[3] Benefits of Windows Azure:
     Azure service platform is designed to help developers create applications for web and interconnected devices more easily. It provides maximum flexibility, selection and use of existing technology for connection control of users and customers.
1) facilitate the transition from developers to cloud computing-millions of developers in the world use. NET Framework and Visual Studio development environments. Create cloud computing applications that can be written, tested, and deployed in the same environment as Visual Studio.
2) quickly obtain results-applications can be deployed to Azure service platform by clicking a button. The changes are quite simple and do not need to be shut down and corrected. It is an ideal platform for testing new ideas. 3) imagine and create a new user experience-Azure service platform allows you to create complex applications for Web, mobile phones, and cloud computing. You can access 0.4 billion Live users by connecting with Live Services, and have new opportunities to communicate with users in new ways.
4) standard-based compatibility-to interact with third-party services, the service platform supports industry standard protocols, including HTTP, REST, SOAP, RSS, and AtomPub. You can easily integrate applications based on multiple technologies or platforms.
Azure service platform enables developers to further improve the flexibility and effectiveness of application development on the basis of original skills, tools and technologies (such as Microsoft's. NET Framework,Visual Studio, etc.). Developers can also choose other commercial or open- source development tools or technologies, and then operate through common Internet standards provided by Azure service platform, such as HTTP, REST, WS-*, and AtomPub. Microsoft provides Azure-related development kits for cloud computing services, including the following three components:
     1)Complete offline development environment, including computation and storage services 2)Complete command-line SDK tools and samples 3)Visual Studio add-in that enables local debugging
Windows Azure SDK comes into being. Programmers interested in Microsoft cloud computing can pay attention to it. Microsoft's SDK (Software Development Kit) toolkit uses Java and Ruby. This toolkit enables Java and Ruby developers to apply the. NET service on Azure platform. However, so far, the toolkit only allows Java and Ruby developers to write service programs in Microsoft data center. Official Download Address: Windows Azure Software Development Kit (January 2009 CTP)
interested friends can also refer to the detailed technical articles of Azure on MSDN, which are basically in English. You can also go to many blogs introducing website cloud technology and Windows Azure by google.
        the above is the relevant knowledge about Windows Azure service platform that I have compiled. I hope this article will be helpful for you to learn Windows Azure service platform. Windows Azure understand the structure and characteristics of the cloud computing platform, Microsoft will provide us with toolkits that can be used for cloud computing-related learning and development. In addition, the Windows Azure white paper provided by Microsoft can be downloaded by interested friends. the address is the White Paper. There is no official Chinese version yet. I plan to take time to translate it and share it with you ~ ~
1.CSDN: Microsoft Unveils Windows Azure at Professional Developers Conference
2.azure: http://www.microsoft.com/azure
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