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On February 2, Alibaba Cloud released the best practices for CDN products. From the customer's perspective, based on Alibaba Cloud CDN's needs analysis and practical experience of serving Alibaba's ecosystem for many years and hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers on the cloud, this figure divides the practice path of using CDN into convenient extension, the three stages of one-stop distribution and diversified management are designed to help customers find and deploy the most suitable path for their own CDN Practices.

In the best practices of CDN products released this time, Alibaba Cloud provides customers at different stages with a three-dimensional introduction to typical use scenarios and core product technical capabilities of CDN. For start-ups and individual developers, Alibaba Cloud CDN focuses on large file distribution, dynamic and static hybrid acceleration, non-standard protocol transmission, programmable computing, and full-Link IPv6, collaborate with cloud products (such as ECS, SLB, OSS, and SLS) to connect cloud edge capabilities to help customers achieve convenient expansion. For industry customers, Alibaba Cloud CDN has accumulated rich practical experience in industry applications, including App Store download, trusted acceleration of government and enterprise websites, snap-up of e-commerce activities, online education classes, financial security, social interaction, CDN distribution solutions in different industry scenarios, such as game acceleration and multimedia video. Based on the four core systems of intelligent traffic computing scheduling, distributed cache architecture, intelligent link system, and data intelligent service support, it provides content tamper protection and security management, tens of millions of high-concurrency and low-latency live streaming technologies, with the support of comprehensive real-time performance monitoring and scientific data decision-making, edge security and cloud three-dimensional protection, customers can solve high concurrency pressure, poor user access experience and content transmission security risks.

Under the background of the continuous outbreak of Internet videos, Internet enterprises usually face "rush hours" several times a year, such as the Spring Festival Gala. To meet the needs of such customers, Alibaba Cloud CDN has combined with the Alibaba Group ecosystem to develop a set of rich customer practice cases for Double 11 shopping festival, red envelopes for Spring Festival Gala, strong interactive live broadcast, and large-scale live broadcast scenarios, helps customers cope with traffic peaks in complex application scenarios. Alibaba Cloud CDN not only innovates in technology and product models, but also matches specific customer application scenarios, relying on edge Serverless programmable computing, global real-time transmission network (GRTN), the precise and efficient intelligent data scientific decision-making system continuously iterates products and services, providing powerful support for the smooth operation and smooth access experience of the enterprise's system under the access of a large number of users.

Alibaba Cloud CDN product manager Wang Binbin said: "We have built a new realtime and computable CDN distribution network at the edge of the internet to carry customer business. 90% of the innovations in Alibaba Cloud CDN products come from customer needs, the best practices of CDN products are based on the customer perspective, serving hundreds of thousands of cloud enterprise customers worldwide and serving large-scale complex application scenarios in the Alibaba economy."

deep ploughing service provides reliable CDN services for hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers worldwide

alibaba Cloud CDN originated from Taobao CDN. Since 2009, Alibaba Cloud CDN has been growing with the Double 11 shopping festival. It provides accelerated support for e-commerce websites with huge traffic, and has established hundreds of high-quality nodes and bandwidth resources worldwide, at first, it has gained a lot of applications and practices in the field of e-commerce.

In 2011, as an Internet traffic distribution infrastructure, CDN gradually expanded from serving Taobao e-commerce to fully serving the Alibaba Group ecosystem, extending in application scenarios. In 2014, Alibaba Cloud CDN officially announced its commercialization to open its service capabilities to enterprises and entrepreneurs around the world. In 2015, Alibaba Cloud CDN and e-commerce joined hands to enter the HTTPS era of the whole site, and continuously upgraded the self-developed scheduling system to cope with the impact of exponential growth in traffic.

With the double 11 every year and the popularity of mobile Internet and video, CDN traffic shows exponential growth. In 2017, Alibaba Cloud CDN launched its globalization strategy and released SDCN, DCDN, and other products in succession. The product matrix was fully upgraded. At the beginning of 2018, in the Global CDN service Market Guide Gartner released by Market Guide for CDN Services, Alibaba Cloud was designated as a Global (Global) service provider by virtue of its Global service capabilities and product technology advantages.

In recent years, Alibaba Cloud CDN has been continuously engaged in product technology research around "intelligence" and "computability", and has been continuously improving edge Serverless, multi-dimensional Workload load balancing, scientific decision-making, and various edge application scenarios. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud CDN has won customers' trust by virtue of its more efficient product services and high-quality service experience. Its volume in the CDN field has been continuously expanding and developing rapidly. The peak traffic volume of CDN has hit new highs. Up to now, Alibaba Cloud CDN has more than 2800 edge nodes worldwide and 130 TB of bandwidth reserves, serving hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers worldwide and accelerating millions of domain names. Alibaba Cloud CDN provides an edge ecosystem that connects end users around the world. It processes hundreds of millions of user connection requests per second during peak hours, billions of configuration management instructions are sent to all nodes in the network every day.

Make a comprehensive and professional best practice of CDN products for the industry

relying on hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers on the cloud and Alibaba's rich ecological applications, as well as the global infrastructure network, Alibaba Cloud CDN provides services in entertainment, e-commerce, games, sports, finance, many industries such as government and enterprise have rich product practices.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Alibaba Cloud CDN carried 70% of the network traffic, supporting 24 million online views of Youku. During the Double 11 shopping festival in 2019, Alibaba Cloud CDN provided 51.44 million viewers with an excellent viewing experience of 4K and less than 2% of the lagging rate. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud CDN managed to experience e-commerce interaction at the peak of tens of millions of QPS traffic. In the first half of 2020, with the outbreak of the epidemic and the explosive growth of Internet traffic, Alibaba Cloud CDN has supported online office and teaching services such as DingTalk video conference, national network platform for primary and secondary schools, and VIPKID, perfectly supporting low-lag, with the smooth and real-time interactive watching experience, the whole process of "suspension of classes, non-stop learning, suspension of work and non-stop business" of hundreds of millions of people has opened the era of online real-time video interaction.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud CDN has successfully guaranteed the New Year's Eve party, Spring Festival gala live broadcast, Asian Games, League of Legends Global Finals, and, online live broadcast of many major events, such as CBA Professional League, 2020 World AI conference, and over the years double 11 cat night.

Years of technology have laid the foundation for Alibaba Cloud CDN to become the mainstay after repeated trials. At present, under the background of 5G, IoT technology and digital transformation, CDN will evolve from content distribution to value transmission, becoming a powerful driving force for enterprises to improve efficiency, optimize operations and intelligent applications. The blockbuster release of CDN product best practices will be the best assistance for millions of enterprises to deliver content and value, and promote innovation and development in more emerging industry scenarios.

Online lectures help you quickly find the most suitable way for CDN applications

to help customers learn more about CDN product best practices and use CDN more conveniently and easily, Alibaba Cloud CDN product managers and product Architects will comprehensively analyze CDN industry best practices, accelerate the digital upgrade of your enterprise in 2021!

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