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In the past ten years, the concept of cloud computing has risen sharply. As a new concept, many professional concepts are still unknown, such as ecs. ecs instances frequently appear in the search list as a proper term. Today, I 'd like to talk to you about what the hell is this seemingly unpredictable ecs?

To better understand ecs, we can think about the usual application scenarios of this professional term. Looking back carefully, you will find that there seems to be no big difference from cloud servers. That's true.

Concepts and functions of ecs

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a simple, efficient, and scalable computing Service that helps you quickly build more stable and secure applications and improve O & M efficiency, reduce IT costs, allowing you to focus more on core business innovation. The meanings of an ECS instance and an ECS instance are different. They express the same meaning, except that one is Chinese and the other is an English abbreviation. ECS is an elastic compute server.

ecs instances can be divided into four types: full management permissions, snapshot backup and recovery, custom images, and API operations.

Specifically, it has full control over the operating system of the ECS instance. Users can solve system problems and perform various operations through the connection management Terminal. Snapshots are generated for the disk data of the ECS instance, you can use snapshots to roll back and restore previous disk data to enhance data security. For cloud servers that have installed application packages, you can create multiple servers with custom images and data disk snapshots, simplify user management and deployment; Use ECS API call management to configure access to one or more ECS instances through security group functions, making development and use more convenient.

In short, you can replace ecs, ECS, and ecs as synonyms in the future. Currently, ECS generally corresponds to Amazon AWS products called EC2,Elastic Compute Cloud.

Benefits of ecs

now we know that ECS is a cloud server, which does not mean direct translation cost. However, they are often used on domestic information websites, and sometimes they are also called Cloud hosts. So, why are you so curious about him? What are his main advantages?

In fact, whether it is cloud computing or cloud hosts, the key lies in Elastic-elasticity. The main principle of ecs is to virtualize host products based on server clusters, which can be flexibly upgraded or downgraded and used on demand. The application scenarios are generally divided into users who pay attention to the cost performance of host services, users who need to implement distributed deployment quickly, and users who need the elastic expansion capability of services; users with high system availability and fast recovery requirements; Users who want to easily manage the system.

Compared with traditional renting servers, the renting price of cloud servers is lower than that of traditional physical servers, and no deposit is required. Therefore, cloud servers can be quickly supplied and deployed.

It should be said that in today's enterprise informatization, both traditional enterprises and start-ups with good internet genes need computing services inevitably, and ecs is a way to integrate resources, server virtualization helps enterprises obtain resources on demand.

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