What Is a Dedicated Server for Gaming? And Why You Need It

Most multiplayer games rely on customers playing and hosting games at the same time. Simple, but this parameter can be delayed, slow loading, crash, lost saved files, it can cause performance problems such as lost games.

Dedicated Servers are an alternative hosting option that provides a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

This articleIntroducing Game-only servers. Continue reading to understand how these servers work and allow players to customize and control their gaming environment.

What is a game-only server?

A dedicated game server is a computer that hosts video games for customers. This type of server is reliable, reliable and quick to connect to your favorite online games.

Dedicated game servers provide more processing, memory, and storage capabilities than other managed solutions. No matter which game you judge, the server always has enough means to keep the game running smoothly.

Read the benefits of dedicated servers to understand what this type of host offers to clients.

Dedicated Servers are ideal for all common online games with high workloads.

Learn how to set up a dedicated Minecraft server and ensure the best online experience.

Dedicated Servers are popular with companies that want to create a stable online environment for players. However, individuals can also set up a game server or create a private online amusement park. The server can run single and multi-player games at the same time.

Why are dedicated servers suitable for gaming?

Each multiplayer online game has a host and a client.

  • Host:A server that sends data to all players and keeps games in sync.
  • Customer:Game participants are not responsible for the accommodation.

In most online competitions, the host is either the player who starts the game, or the player with the least delay. Internet users run the local version of the game using a computer or console, but the device keeps the entire game synchronized for all customers. Host handle:

  • The position of each player in the game.
  • Activities for all players.
  • Reader interaction.
  • The load of each roll.
  • Which direction do all players face?
  • Physics occurs around each drive.
  • Notes and rules.

The host needs more memory, bandwidth, and processing capabilities. More players connect and play the game. If the host player computer is weak or the internet connection is poor, the game will have delays, errors and accidents.

In the dedicated server configuration, the host is not a drive. Conversely, all players are connected to the server, which has higher computing power and better connectivity than regular computers and consoles. The administrator is free of charge.

Dedicated Servers also eliminate the low latency advantage of local servers compared to other players. Dedicated Servers are ideal for competitive games, as there are no unreasonable benefits.

How does a dedicated game server work?

A dedicated game server assumes all hosting responsibilities; the server maintains the player's game in sync and manages the following aspects of the game:

  • The position of the player.
  • Activities of readers.
  • Game rules and scores.
  • Physics.
  • Loading (weapons and equipment).

However, dedicated servers do not work with game engines. The server does not need a graphics card (GPU) because the device does nothing. Conversely, the server has a large amount of CPU and RAM, which also indicates when and what content the client computer displays. The client device is responsible for:

The result of this setting is an effective gaming platform: games running on dedicated servers do not delay, crash, or fail.

You can manage dedicated servers for home games, but a simpler and more affordable option is to rent them from your IT service provider. If your dedicated server is in a professional data center, you don't have to worry about hardware pricing, monitoring, overheating or security. You can also get higher bandwidth to guarantee a faster and more sensitive gaming experience.

Advantages of dedicated game servers

Dedicated game servers have several advantages that other hosting options cannot offer.

Excellent performance without latency

The dedicated game server has a high level of hardware and internet links, and the game will not be delayed, so we look forward to a smooth gaming experience.

Reliability Infrastructure

The dedicated machine has 24/7 servers controlled, so the game is always available. Even if the local grid fails, most data centers have backup generators to ensure game availability.

If you use a dedicated game server, you don't have to worry about overheating. Regardless of the number of game operations, the data center has a continuous cooling system that allows the infrastructure to handle the workload.

Advanced customization

The administrator defines the hardware required to run the game. You can choose the ideal number of processors and Ram and adjust the bandwidth speed for the best gaming experience.

The administrator can also freely set the rules of the game. Server owners can host typical games and change goals and maps to change statistics and role features.

You are also free to decide who is available for the game. Make your server public, use it as a private playground, or create an online arena for your game team. Administrators can also fire players for violating Ping games and rules.

Ability to manage high traffic requirements

Dozens of players can play games on dedicated servers without affecting performance. The administrator can freely set the maximum number of players to prevent the game from being crowded.

No corrupted backup files

Compared to common game servers, dedicated servers are not easy to damage stored files. The game reliably saves your progress and allows you to start the game at any time from where you stopped. A reliable storage system is essential for long-term multiplayer games.

High safety level

The dedicated server is very secure.

  • The administrator defines who can connect to the device, so intruders cannot pretend to be random players and get permissions.
  • The game server makes video games work, not other games, the attack area is very small, because the server has no applications or emails in the background.
  • Host providers invest heavily in network security.

Read the article on server security tips to find out how experts can protect your server security.

Disadvantages of dedicated game servers

The disadvantages of setting up a home game server are as follows:

  • Complex parameters:Strong technical skills are required to set up a dedicated game server. This process is complex and time consuming. In addition, you must follow network security best practices.
  • Scheduled maintenance:Like other servers, dedicated game servers require regular maintenance; device hardware and software must be controlled and maintained.
  • High cost:Setting up a dedicated game server requires a high investment in hardware devices. In addition, high electricity bills are expected, especially if you plan to open the server to the public.

However, if you create a dedicated server with a service provider, the only drawback is that you have to pay a monthly fee.

How to choose a dedicated game server provider

There are several factors to consider when choosing a dedicated game server provider.

Game compatibility

Some video games, have high requirement than other games. Make sure the selected bag is strong enough to run the game without stuttering or malfunction. Check the available documentation provided by the game developer to verify the correct hardware settings.

In addition, find suppliers that can scale and reduce the balance based on the games you play. scalable resources are also useful when hosting games with different player numbers.

Learn more about flexserver, which is the only server in the world that vertical-scale users can restart.

Material quality

Suppliers provide SSDs and high-level processors for a smooth gaming experience; find 1st-level network service providers with high-level hardware.

Guaranteed normal operating time

The game server must be reliable. With the appropriate availability guarantee provided by your service provider, you will avoid game accidents and prolonged downtime. The supplier must also have a 24/7 support team ready to help you.

Simple user interface and controls

The provider simplifies working as an administrator. We are looking for a hosting company that provides a variety of control panels for managing games and equipment. In addition, consider the speed required to start and run the server and whether the provider can meet the time range.

Accommodation fee

Different providers have different rates for hosting services: compare prices between suppliers and provide services with maximum computing power for budget selection.


The host provider must have adequate protection against network attacks; find a hosting plan that includes DDoS protection and a powerful firewall.

A high level of security is essential when collecting personal information and payment details from other players.

Best online gaming experience

Dedicated game servers are the most stable and fun way to play multiplayer games. Set up a game server to create an ideal environment for playing your favorite online games. The dedicated server package offers a variety of options to customize your perfect gaming experience.

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