Cloud Storage Gateway

It uses OSS for cloud-based storage at the back end, and supports industry standard file and block storage protocols.

Cloud Storage Gateway is a gateway service you can deploy on-premises, or in the cloud, to provide a seamless and secure connection between your on-premises IT infrastructure and cloud-based storage services at the back end, such as Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). Cloud Storage Gateway also supports industry standard file storage protocols, and provides low latency data access by caching frequently accessed data locally.


Flexible Deployment
You can deploy Cloud Storage Gateway in both local data centers and ECS instances in the cloud.
Fast Deployment and Use
Use Cloud Storage Gateway immediately with simple deployment that does not require code.
High Performance
You get Imput/Output (I/O) performance similar to a local disk coupled with the scalability of cloud storage.
Protocol Conversion
File protocols such as NFS and CIFS and iSCSI block protocols are all available and based on the same protocols in OSS.


  • Smart and High-performance Caching

    Flexible Configuration

    Cloud Storage Gateway supports both cache and system write through modes. You can save data in the local cache or directly to the cloud. 

    Automated Storage Tiering

    In cache mode, your data is automatically stored in a local storage tiers or cloud tiers based on the data usage frequency.

  • Cross-platform Support

    Deployment Methods

    Cloud Storage Gateway supports to be deployed on a virtual machine using VMware, VHD, Qcow2, and Raw virtual machine images. It can also be deployed on ECS instances.

    Highly compatible with common file storage protocols and block storage protocols

    Cloud Storage Gateway supports the NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI storage protocols. It is fully adapted to both Windows and Linux. 

  • High efficiency Data Transfer and Validation


    Cloud Storage Gateway supports data synchronization using multi-threading and asynchronous pattern operations to enable broken-point continuously-transferring.


    Cloud Storage Gateway automatically ensures data consistency based on the MD5 algorithm.

  • Robust Logging and Monitoring System

    End-to-end Monitoring

    Cloud Storage Gateway logs all activities between the storage gateway and Object Storage Service (OSS).


  • Attach OSS disk to ECS instances in the cloud
Expand local storage to the cloud

Expand local storage to the cloud

Scalable cloud storage

You can obtain the benefits of high scalability and low cost storage by smoothly connecting current storage system to the cloud without needing to change the existing architecture.


  • Low cost

    You can establish a storage system with high capacity and high scalability at a low cost by using your existing facilities and Alibaba Cloud OSS.

  • Performance

    You can have the I/O performance similar to the performance that you have when accessing a local disk with the storage capacity of the cloud.

  • Simple Deployment

    Cloud Storage Gateway is compatible with local storage service protocols.

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Attach OSS disk to ECS instances in the cloud

Attach OSS disk to ECS instances in the cloud

Infinite OSS storage space in ECS instances

Supports for the NFS and SMB file protocols and simultaneously attaching OSS disks to multiple ECS instances enable reliable and cost-effective access to OSS buckets.


  • Low cost

    You do not need to build a costly remote physical backup data center

  • Benefits

    You can use various OSS storage types.

  • High scalability

    It allows you to easily have a disaster recovery system in the cloud by integrating Cloud Storage Gateway with NAS and ECS in the cloud.

We recommend that you integrate these services.