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Helping enterprises move towards carbon neutrality with technology and innovation.

Carbon Management Assistant for Enterprises

Scientific and Reliable Carbon Emission Accounting
  • Energy Expert helps quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at the organization level by integrating GHG emissions and carbon neutrality standards, including ISO 14064 and PAS 2060. With embedded GHG emission factor datasets and guidance, Energy Expert can generate online reports for organization-level GHG inventories and prepare for verification.
Easy-to-Measure Product Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Expert provides an online modelling tool to help quickly identify GHG emission sources from input-output-based life cycle assessment of your product. It also incorporates multiple mainstream carbon footprint databases, such as the ecoinvent database, ELCD, CLCD, and CPCD, to generate product carbon footprint reports based on the product supply chain.
Transparent Carbon Neutrality Path Management
  • Based on the carbon emission status of enterprises, Energy Expert provides carbon neutrality goal management and carbon emission reduction project management features to help enterprises clearly understand the estimated results and current progress of carbon emission reduction projects. Energy Expert also provides carbon offset solutions.

Online Carbon Emission Accounting and Certification Services

Download the Alibaba Carbon Neutrality Action Report 2021

Scientific and Professional

Scientific methodology and emission factor library ensure accurate and effective carbon emission measurement.


Standard and visual carbon emission management lowers the learning threshold for unfamiliar users and enterprises.

One-Click Carbon Neutrality

Energy Expert enables you to achieve your carbon neutrality targets with carbon neutral solutions such as carbon credit planning and carbon account management.

Green Marketing and Certification

Energy Expert provides global carbon footprint certification and labelling services and helps with green marketing.

Intended Customers

Listed Companies

Based on carbon emission accounting standards for different organizations and products, Energy Expert helps enterprises identify their carbon emission sources and footprint, provides environmental impact data required in ESG reports, and recommends carbon emission reduction solutions that optimize cost and efficiency.

Brand Owners and Manufacturers

Energy Expert provides user-friendly product carbon footprint tools to help enterprises complete product carbon footprint accounting. It also helps connect with third-party validation and verification bodies to complete product carbon footprint certification. Energy Expert can provide carbon emission reduction solutions for green marketing.

Other Enterprises with Carbon Neutrality Planning

Based on the PAS 2060 standard on carbon neutrality, Energy Expert provides enterprises with an end-to-end carbon neutrality path, including carbon emission accounting, carbon neutrality goal management, and carbon emission reduction project management.

Customer Success Stories

Hangzhou HolyCore Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

  • "Energy Expert and IKE have carried out carbon emission data monitoring and online carbon footprint accounting and certification for HolyCore panels. This helps us clarify the goal and direction of energy conservation and emission reduction. This also makes green and low-carbon HolyCore panels and lightweight carriages an important choice for green logistics construction of our customers. "

  • - Liu Hongsheng, General Manager of Hangzhou HolyCore Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

    Annual Electricity Saving of 170,000 kWh and More Than 120 Tons of Carbon Emission Reduction in the Production Process
    The HolyCore factory uses Energy Expert to compare and analyze energy consumption, identify abnormal energy consumption, and obtain recommended energy-saving measures. This helps the factory identify issues, such as the delayed shutdown of key energy consumption equipment and excessive proportion of electricity consumption in peak hours, and effectively reduces energy consumption in the production process.

    One-Stop Carbon Footprint Modeling, Certification, and Marketing
    Energy Expert helps HolyCore manage 2 MW of alternative energy, produce green electricity of 2.21 million kWh annually, and reduce carbon emissions by more than 1,500 tons. Energy Expert helps reduce carbon emissions by 16% per square meter of products. After the final products are applied in vehicles, HolyCore achieves an annual carbon emission reduction of near 30,000 tons. Carbon footprint comparison and certification helps upstream customers clearly understand the environmental contribution of HolyCore products, energy conservation, and carbon emission reduction.

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