Data management

Data Management (DMS) is a database research and development service platform developed by Alibaba. It has accumulated more than 10 years of DBA operation and maintenance Management experience. It is a visualized data management platform supporting more than 23 types of database and multiple environmental sources without installation, operation and maintenance. It can help enterprises safeguard data access, ensure security of data change and improve the database research and development efficiency.

DMS supports unified management of other relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, PolarDB, DRDS, OceanBase and Oracle, OLAP databases such as AnalyticDB, Data Lake Analytics, ClickHouse, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis. It is a comprehensive data management service covering data management, structure management, user authorization, security audit, trend analysis, and data tracing. You can use the data management service to create an easy-to-use database management portal to ensure safer data, more efficient management and clearer data value.


Secure data communication
It helps over a hundred thousand users manage a large number of database instances and provides security assurances such as cloud account authorization and auditing.
Applicable to multiple data sources
Unified support for multiple relational databases, OLAP databases, and NoSQL databases
Efficient R&D
DMS provides a graphical interface for data management. It also allows you to reuse SQL statements and save SQL windows.
Visualized data analysis
DMS supports data backtracking analysis for MySQL and PolarDB-MySQL databases in a certain period of time


Convenient data management operations

DMS allows you to view and edit your data and table structures through a GUI

Easy table management

You can edit tables using an interface like Excel. No SQL coding is required to modify tables or perform analytical tasks.

Visualized table restructuring

The interface visually designs table structure fields, indexes, extended attributes, and submits them for execution with one click; Table structure comparison can easily realize the consistency comparison of table structures between the source database and the target database, and can obtain diff scripts; table structure synchronization and database cloning allow you to easily compare table structure consistency between the source database and the target database. You can synchronize them with one click.

Frequently used SQL statements

You can save frequently used SQL statements and reuse them when you are managing other databases.

SQL window management

The SQL window you are working on is automatically saved in real time. You can close it and continue to edit your code later.

Data import and export

Easily import and export database-level and table-level data , and support SQL scripts and CSV file formats

Visualized management of metadata

Efficient metadata management

Document generation

You can easily generate all table structures of the database and export them to Word, Excel, or PDF files.

Exports table creation statements and table structures

You can export table creation statements of relational and OLAP database types as needed, which can be used to quickly create or build new environments. Exports table structure Dictionary information Excel tables of relational and OLAP database types as needed, which can be used for project internal archiving

View & retrieve metadata information

Allows you to search entire databases and tables, and check detailed attributes such as table fields and indexes in the database.

Data security (security collaboration-exclusive to control mode)

All-round protection of data access security

Unified and authorized management

DMS supports multi-dimensional on-demand authorization of databases, tables, and fields. Enterprise employees no longer have access to database account passwords.

Controllable data query

The number of rows returned for each query, the total number of rows queried per day, the total number of queries per day, the extra time taken for a single query, and the maximum table size scanned in a single query are all capable to meet the individual demand.

Intelligent Data desensitization

DMS supports field naming and table data scanning for data classification, and uses field permissions for limited access control of sensitive data; Supports the configuration of different desensitization algorithms for fields, effectively shielding key information

Precise audit

Personnel, time, module, behavior are all accurately recorded in operation logs. The administrator can audit them at any time.

Customizable security rules

Each database instance can be customized with different security specifications, feasible syntax types, and different operations to suit different approval processes

Security of data change (security collaboration-exclusive to control mode)

Guarantees the smooth implementation of every change of the enterprise in an all-round way to avoid database performance fluctuation.

Intelligent SQL risk audit

Before the code is tested, SQL text and XML files can be submitted for review to identify SQL injection, non-indexed SQL, and SQL that does not meet the writing specifications, so as to avoid production failures caused by such SQL.

Reliable data and structural changes

Performs full-access risk identification and control before, during, and after changes to avoid database performance fluctuation incurred; Ensures the ability to change large amounts of MySQL data and large table structures without locking the table, preventing locking tables during changes from affecting business

Accurate data rollback

DMS fully supports Binlog Log parsing and batch generation and export of rollback scripts for MySQL databases, which can help enterprises quickly repair abnormal data.

Efficient R & D (security collaboration-exclusive to control mode)

Comprehensively improves the research and development efficiency of enterprises and reduces the cost

Efficient R & D process

Provides various operation specifications and trial processes at the instance level to ensure data security without damaging R & D efficiency. They include the removal of review in operations done in the test environment and the strict approval of production environment..

All-round database management

Supports unified management of multiple sources such as cloud databases, ECS self-built databases, on-premises IDC self-built databases, cloud databases and server self-built databases of business partners, and fully supports relational databases, OLAP databases, NoSQL database

Convenient search for multiple cases

Real-time related analysis of heterogeneous online databases can be easily done with a single SQL statement. Currently, MySQL, AnalyticDB for MySQL, PolarDB, DRDS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Redis are supported.

Easy-to-use data analysis

DMS Supports the scheduling and periodic dispatching of SQL task nodes to facilitate the deployment of periodic tasks. Typical scenarios are archiving and migrating data to analytical databases, periodically analyzing the analytical database to write reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and writing back to the online database to provide online services.

Typical solutions

  • Unified management solution of Hybrid Cloud
  • Data security solutions
  • Keeping stable during changes
  • Solutions for database DevOps
Unified management solution of Hybrid Cloud

Fully supports unified management of on-cloud and off-cloud resources

Provides an efficient, secure and comprehensive database development environment. You can develop and diagnose the perormance of more than 20 relational databases, data warehouses, and NoSQL databases in a graphical development environment. The security collaborative control mode of DMS ensures data security with R & D specification, R & D process, permission control, data desensitization, security audit and change rollback.

Common problems solved

  • Unified management of cloud resources

    Supports unified management of cloud databases and self-built databases of ECS servers shared by multiple cloud accounts across multiple regions.

  • Secure non-cloud resource management

    You can access the on-premises IDC self-built databases, the cloud databases of business partners, and the on-premises databases on the cloud servers of business partners through the VPC leased line and the VPN gateway.

Data security solutions

Continuous database access management

Implements fine-grained permission control by querying, exporting, and changing instances, libraries, tables, sensitive fields, and data rows; avoids database service problems and massive data leakage by controlling the full table scan limit, query timeout, query number of rows, and query times of large tables; the operation log is used to comprehensively record and present the operations of each cloud account in DMS products, helping enterprises to achieve compliance audit support for each operation.

Common problems solved

  • Limits personnel access the database

    After logging on to DMS, you can apply for permissions as needed. Therefore, after the operation is initiated in the product, it must be authenticated before the product is sent to the database. The personnel no longer access the database.

  • Fine-grained permission management

    You can apply for database-, table-, field-, and row-level data object permissions on demand. You can apply for query, export, and change permissions for related operations in different contexts. Permissions will be automatically retracted after expiring. Operations without permissions can not be started initially.

  • Data security assurance

    The number of rows returned by each query, the total number of queries per day, and the total number of rows queried per day are controllable and auditable on demand to avoid the outflow of a large amount of data; Sensitive fields are marked in necessary to avoid unnecessary data contact

  • Data Query performance security

    The extra time taken for a query and the threshold of full table scan for large tables are configured on demand to prevent slow queries from affecting the provision of database services.

Keeping stable during changes

Covers the whole process of data change, structure change and code release

The release of table structure design specifications and multiple sets of environments in the process of project development, assurance that the compliance of each SQL is indexed before bringing it online, and every update of production data are closely related to the stable condition of business services. The security collaborative control mode of DMS guarantees a smooth implementation before, during and after each change, and reduces all mistakes incurred.

Common problems solved

  • Structure free of locking the table and ability to change data without locking the table.

    All DDL operations in versions before MySQL5.6 and part of operations after that can not be changed without locking the table. Once the table is locked, the business will be directly affected. Disorder of the unique clean-up logic of each project in the database, constant waste of R & D costs, and difficulty in unified management are avoided when cleaning historical data on a large-scale basis.

  • SQL audit column goes online

    Submits SQL text,. xml SQL files, and then the system automatically identify non-compliant SQL statements such as SQL injection, non-indexed SQL, queries returned without specifying fields, writing operations without specifying fields, to avoid production problems

  • Security of stability during changes

    When the database is under heavy load, if you continue making changes, the database performance may be abnormal or even fail to function. All-round detection before, during, and after the change, is the core guarantee for the smooth implementation of changing data

  • Data tracing and rollback

    DMS security collaborative management and control mode helps you easily solve the worries of millions of abnormal data recovery. It can effectively avoid erroneous deletion and update of data, and also support rapid retrospective recovery of mistakenly updated data.

Solutions for database DevOps

Unified Enterprise metadata, process management, R & D collaboration platform

Provides a brand new working model. Based on the unified management of database resources in the enterprise, all operations that need to interact with the database can be completed here. In accordance with different businesses, different R & D specifications, R & D processes, and approval processes are designed and implemented for the corresponding instances, realizing a flexible and secure database development process to build an enterprise-exclusive database DevOps process

Common problems solved

  • Table structure design specification, multi-environment table structure consistency release process

    Enables four types of databases, which are MySQL, PolarDB-MySQL, DRDS, and OceanBase to formulate flexible design specifications and release processes at the instance level. This ensures that the table structure of multiple environments is completely consistent. Problems incurred by inconsistency will be avoided

  • Field-level concurrent and collaborative management of table structure

    Project diversity as well as frequent iterations of a task make it necessary to adjust to different fields. On contrary to traditional solutions where the update of a project may interfere with the other, the security collaborative control mode of DMS employs the ticketing system on a structural basis to enable different projects to work separately without interfering with each other. They can be released iteratively smoothly based on respective demands.

  • Instance-level security rules

    Strict control in traditional database management schemes makes personnel busy with a large number of approval operations, which will easily lead to errors and omissions caused by fatigue. Loose control makes it easy to make changes, causing run-away production With the security collaborative control mode of DMS, design specifications, operation specifications, and approval processes are customized on demand based on different database instances, which not only ensures the safe use of the database, but also ensures the R & D efficiency of enterprises.

  • New work mode

    It is difficult to train a full-time DBA. However, Using DMS, managers without database-related technical background can be instantly empowered to be equivalent to a professional DBA with the default configuration of the product. R & D personnel submit operations on demand in the product. Operations are then automatically tested in accordance with safety rules to ensure the smooth implementation of the approval process and changes, greatly reducing the investment of personnel costs and improve the R & D efficiency of enterprises

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Comparison of main functions of DMS control modes

Funcitions Features Control mode-Flexible Management Control mod-Stable Change Control mode-Security Collaboration
Data export Maximum number of lines exported for free daily 200,000 10 million Unlimited
Maximum number of tasks imported in parallel 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum number of tables exported simultaneously 100 50,000 Unlimited
Maximum capacity of tables exported simultaneously 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Task queue types Global shared queue Exclusive queue Exclusive queue
Data import Maximum size of files imported simultaneously 0.1GB 1 GB Unlimited
Task queue types Global shared queue Exclusive queue Exclusive queue
Use of SQL windows Full Large Table Scan Restrictions
SQL query timeout and interruption
Limit on number of query rows per day
Limit on number of queries per day
Sensitive data marking and desensitization protection
Row-level data permission management
Frequently used SQL
Maximum number of lines returned for a single query 1,000 10,000 Customize on demand
Display of visualized data Query result
SQL formatting
Intelligent SQL prompts
Test data is automatically generated To be expanded
Search for multiple cases
Data analytics Provides periodic task scheduling
Performance diagnosis & Optimization (session, trend, lock, space, slow SQL)
Table structure Management Table Structure Comparison
Table structure editing
Table structure synchronization/database cloning
Data dictionary export Up to five per instance Unlimited Unlimited
Design specifications of table structures
Table structure development process/table structure version management RDS available for an exclusive account RDS available for an exclusive account Cross-Alibaba Cloud account, cross-RDS, and self-built
Code Generator (Templates like javaBean)
Data security Authorization granularity of resources Actual authority Instance authorization + database account access Requires library-, table-, field-, and row-level permissions
Authorization granularity of operations Function authorization Query, export, and change
Authorization period On-demand definition and automatic retraction after permissions expire
Access method Database account numbers and passwords Database account numbers and passwords Cloud account authentication (do not contact the database account password)
Access source IP Globally enabled (office network access only) Globally enabled (office network access only)
Operation audit Refines operations in the module
R & D Efficiency Collaborative R & D
The R & D process approval Customizes on demand
Remains stable during changes Risk identification before changes
Risk management measures after changes
Changing structures without locking the table
Changes data without locking the table
Data tracking & rollback Binlog within 1 hour Enables batch download without limit Enables batch download without limit
SQL audit before code is released
Free of charge USD $1.00/day USD $2.00/day
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