Managed Server Security

In this service, Alibaba Cloud takes over all matters related to server security. Alibaba Cloud will be responsible for server security maintenance and ensure the security of servers.

Application Process (exact details to be negotiated)

  • 1

    Submission of application (N)

  • 2

    Purchase and communicate (N+1)

  • 3

    Services implementation (N+1year)

  • 4

    Services Term

N indicates the day of application submission

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is suitable for customers who want to outsource security-related work and achieve high server security.

This service will also reduce the necessary investment in security personnel.


Enterprises with Alibaba Cloud ECS instances that lack professional internal security personnel.


Security Scanning

Regularly performs comprehensive server security inspections.

Security Hardening

Provides security reinforcement for operating systems and application systems.

Security Monitoring

Monitors the security of servers to promptly discover and prevent cyberattacks.

Change Management

Manages server security configuration changes, regularly upgrades and patches systems, and provides system security maintenance.

Incident Response

Security emergency response: This service quickly handles infiltration by hackers.