Security Incident Response Services

When a customer's cloud host is infiltrated by a hacker, this service provides emergency response and handling services, including cutting off the cyberattack. It removes backdoors and WebShells on hosts, and audits and analyzes logs to understand the techniques used by the hackers and their behavior after infiltrating the system. Then, the service provides security reinforcement recommendations to prevent future cyberattacks.

Application Process (Exact details to be negotiated)

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    Submission of application (N)

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    Communication and Purchase (N)

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    Security services (Start in 30 mins after purchase)

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    Service reports(N+5days)

N indicates the day of application submission

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is suitable for customers whose servers have been infiltrated by hackers or systems affected with Trojans, botnets, mining programs, and other abnormal processes. This service also finds WebShells, webpage Trojans, and implanted malicious links in websites. It is also appropriate when there are leaks or abnormalities affecting a server's system configuration, accounts, or data.


Customers whose systems have been infiltrated and lack professional emergency response technicians.


System Cleaning

This service fully cleans systems of existing viruses, Trojans, malicious code, and WebShells, restoring the system to its normal operating condition.

Root cause Analysis

This service analyzes and determines the infiltration techniques used and finds the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.

Impact Analysis

This service analyzes the behavior of hackers after they infiltrate your system, to determine the extent of the impact on your businesses.

Security Reinforcement

This service reinforces the security of your servers, fixes system vulnerabilities, and instructs you how to fix code vulnerabilities.