ApsaraDB Instance Health Diagnostics

Alibaba Cloud provides professional health diagnostic reports for your enterprise’s database. Our database experts conduct comprehensive health diagnostics on the capacity, performance, disaster tolerance, and security of your database instances.

Application Process (Exact details to be negotiated)

  • 1

    Submission of application (N)

  • 2

    Requirements communication (N+1)

  • 3

    Solution design & consulting (N+M)

  • 4

    End of support

N indicates the day of application submission, M indicates the length of the service

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is applicable to ApsaraDB instances or self-built databases that are not optimized, have flaws in database design, or have potential bottlenecks. Alibaba Cloud performs performance evaluations and testing to discover and locate database risks, so you can promptly make adjustments and optimizations.


Users who have purchased Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB instances, including ApsaraDB for RDS, ApsaraDB for MongoDB, ApsaraDB for Redis, and ApsaraDB for Memcache instances.

Users with onsite databases (at present only MySQL databases are supported). Alibaba Cloud provides the Log Service to analyze logs and implement health diagnoses.


Capacity evaluation

This service inspects the resource usage of your database system and evaluates the suitability of your database capacity.

Performance analysis

Through data monitoring, stress testing, and other technical means, this service evaluates your current usage of ApsaraDB instances and the metrics of ideal performance.

Performance bottleneck analysis and risk assessmentolutions

Through a comprehensive consideration of your system resource environment, database architecture design, system pressure, and other factors, this service locates, analyzes, and evaluates the bottlenecks and potential risks in your database system.

Disaster tolerance evaluation

This service inspects your ApsaraDB instances and evaluates the disaster tolerance solution for your application scenarios.