Data Backup and Restoration for Web Hosting

Alibaba Cloud allows you to back up and restore data on your Web Hosting product. You can easily download the data package or overwrite the existing data by using your host login name, IP address, and the time point for data restoration.

Duration of service: 1–3 business days (Exact details to be negotiated)

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is applicable to situations where important files, such as website programs and database files, are accidentally deleted and data recovery or restoration is required.


Users who use Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting.


Package Download

Saves a copy of your website data and database data (optional) as a package to the FTP address that you specify. You need to provide the FTP address for saving the backup and the associated account and password.

Overwrite for Restoration

Restores the website program files and database (optional) data to the time point that you specify. Make sure that a backup of existing data has been saved locally as the data can no longer be recovered once overwritten.