Application Consulting Service

Alibaba Cloud provides professional consulting services for your application systems that run on our platform. Our team of experts provides consultations and advice on best practices to Internet-based architecture, development frameworks, services, and data management. You can easily plan and implement a solution for converting from a traditional IT environment to the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Application Process ( Exact details to be negotiated )

  • 1

    Submission of application (N)

  • 2

    Requirements communication (N+1)

  • 3

    Solution design & consulting (N+M)

  • 4

    End of support

N indicates the day of application submission, M indicates the length of the service

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is applicable to enterprises requiring best practice consultation on Internet-based architecture, development framework, service, and data management for application systems that run on the Alibaba Cloud platform.


Traditional IT network customers who use IDCs but wish to migrate to the cloud for lower costs and increased flexibility.

Customers who already have cloud-based businesses and infrastructure but wish to optimize their architecture to create more value.


Business consulting solutions

Private cloud consulting and planning, capacity consulting and planning, platform architecture consulting, platform security consulting, and business cloudification consulting.

Infrastructure solutions

Cloud computing data center solutions, server solutions, and network planning solutions.

Cloud-based architecture solutions

Active-active disaster tolerance solutions, cybersecurity solutions, O&M solutions, and so on.