The cooperation kick-off with the Silicon Valley accelerator Shinect

Silicon Valley, USA.
2016, 23 Feb.

Alibaba Cloud and Shinect Work Together to Help Community Entrepreneurs Get Started

On February 23, 2016, Alibaba Cloud officially launched a cooperative program with the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial accelerator Shinect. At this time, Alibaba Cloud provided $10,000 in cloud product assistance to four entrepreneurial teams who had applied to the Create@Alibaba Cloud program on the recommendation of the Shinect Founders Club. The Alibaba Cloud U.S. representative presented the awards to the four teams selected and introduced Alibaba Cloud's North American program.

In addition to receiving valuable Alibaba Cloud services, the four teams will also receive one-on-one technical support for technical architecture and opportunities to promote themselves on the Alibaba Cloud overseas website.

These four teams are:, NetherFire, Cognitive Leap, and Valsfer.

Image 1. Alibaba Cloud Senior Architect Liao Hongbing Shares Taobao's Entrepreneurial History

Partner Summaries

Shinect is a non-profit entrepreneurial accelerator set up by overseas Chinese, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Most of their members are from the young Silicon Valley elite, with tech entrepreneurs predominating. Shinect's Founders Club strives to provide more efficient and better targeted services for entrepreneurs and more resources and assistance to each individual. They now have over 400 members.