Alibaba Cloud Was Invited to Give a Speech at the First Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

Silicon Valley, USA.
2016, 28 Apr.

Alibaba Cloud Was Invited to Give a Speech at the First Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival

On April 28, 2016, Hanhai Holdings, Ding Ding TV, and the China-US Business Summit jointly held the first Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival(SVEF), which concluded at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City in Silicon Valley. The speakers at this event included more than one hundred entrepreneurs and scholars in the innovation, start-up, investment, and science and technology fields. Also present at the event were over 70 important institutions, more than 300 Chinese and U.S. startups, and representatives from over 200 enterprises on Chinese mainland.

During the SVEF, 9 roundtables were set up at 3 sessions for topics such as virtual reality, education technology, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, investment trends, the opportunities and challenges faced by startups in the global economy, opportunities for augmented reality industry, investment opportunities for precision medicine industry, the investment ecosystem, and leadership propagation of women entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

As a guest at the event, Derek Wang, Chief Architect of Alibaba Cloud International, gave a speech entitled "Cloud Without Borders, Unlimited Value". In it, he described how Alibaba Cloud uses cloud computing to help global enterprises achieve borderless business connections. Alibaba Cloud's unique advantages, such as "global business supported by a single account" and "resource and technology advantages in China and abroad" are very relevant to the needs of the companies represented at the event and received a great deal of attention.

Pic 1. Derek Wang, the chief Architect of Alibaba Cloud international gives a speech.

During the event, Mr. Derek Wang and Alibaba Cloud's U.S. employees discussed product details with many customers. They also engaged business discussions with people like Luke Kowalski - Oracle's VP in the corporate architecture group. Alibaba Cloud employees also attended the VIP dinner on the second day of the event. There, they talked with top Chinese and U.S. investors and industry leaders regarding how to work together to help Chinese and U.S. entrepreneurs develop businesses across borders.

Pic 2. A valuable view sharing between Alibaba Cloud and Luke Kowalski - VP in the corporate architecture group Oracle.

Pic 3. Derek Wang and Kexue Wei were invited to join private dinner at the night one day before the event.

Pic 4. Alibaba Cloud in the PSTV.