Alibaba Cloud jointly held an entrepreneurship salon with SEC

Seattle, USA.
2016, 24 Feb.

Alibaba Cloud and the Seattle Entrepreneurship Club Held a Joint Entrepreneurship Salon

On February 24, 2016, Alibaba Cloud and the Seattle Entrepreneurship Club (SEC) held a joint entrepreneurship salon. This was Alibaba Cloud's first offline group entrepreneurship activity in the Seattle area. About 30 entrepreneurs from the Seattle area participated in the activity, including founders and CTOs from start-up companies, programmers and architects from various large and small companies, and a number of cloud computing colleagues from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. In this activity, the participants primarily discussed Alibaba Cloud product lines and the startup program. The founder and CTO of the start-up NewSky Security, Song Li, also presented his experiences in entrepreneurship to the participants.

Jalen He, an architect from Alibaba Cloud's U.S. team talked about Alibaba Cloud's global business development and gave an overview of its cloud products and the newly released program to support startups, Create@Alibaba Cloud. Participants expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for the program. The Seattle startup NewSky Security was selected for the first Alibaba global Create@Alibaba Cloud plan. NewSky founders Scott Wu and Song Li are also long-time SEC members. At the salon, they shared their experiences migrating to Alibaba Cloud and using Alibaba Cloud products.

Image 1. Alibaba Cloud Senior Architect Liao Hongbing Shares Taobao's Entrepreneurial History

Partner Summaries

The Seattle Entrepreneurship Club (SEC) is a non-profit organization founded in April 2008. SEC aims to join high-level entrepreneurial talent and teams from the Seattle area and North America generally to create a communication and cooperation platform linking entrepreneurial talent and teams, venture investors, and professionals from various fields. They want to offer a diverse range of services to help all parties find success, thereby promoting the development of entrepreneurship in Seattle and North America. At the same time, SEC also focuses on organizing cooperation between different industries and fields in China and Seattle, to jointly promote corporate, talent, and cultural exchanges between China and the U.S. Since its founding, SEC has already attracted more than 1,000 entrepreneurial enthusiasts to join and continues to grow.