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The instance will be put in a random zone for the selected region. After an instance is created, you cannot change its region.
Instances in different regions cannot communicate with each other through the internal network. Select the region nearest to your customers to reduce the latency.

The physical location where the ECS instance is located.

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*Data Transfer of Sydney and Mumbai regions differ from that of other global regions. Their packages are 1Core - 512 MB -1TB , 1Core -1GB - 1TB, 1Core - 2GB - 2TB, 2 Core - 2GB - 2TB, 2 Core - 4GB - 2TB, 2 Core - 8GB - 3TB, 4 Core - 16GB - 3TB, 8 Core - 32GB - 4TB. Learn more>>

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ECS does not support interchange between Linux and Windows systems.

Load ECS security components for free. The security components provide various security features, such as website backdoor detection, remote logon notifications, and brute-force blocking.

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Automatically renews monthly subscription instances by one month each time.

If the discounted prices are not displayed, you may not be eligible for the offers. Please see the Terms & Conditions of the offers to check if you are eligible for them.


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