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Simple Pricing, High Performance

Quick start package tailored to SMEs and developers


Powerful Infrastructure

Quick Deployment

Global Regions

Starter Packages

General Package

Monthly Plan
  • Cloud Server
  • Data Transfer Plan

Suitable for general business scenarios, to provide necessary cloud services

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Starting at:$10/month

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Starting at:$19/month

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Starting at:$39/month

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Starting at:$79/month

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Web Hosting

Yearly Plan
  • General Package
  • Domain + DNS
  • Web Application Image

Independent cloud servers that support customization for small and medium sites

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Yearly subscription:


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Yearly Subscription:


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Customizable Add-ons to Meet Your Growing Needs

Elastic Compute Service

Is your package not meeting your needs? Go to the ECS page and customize your cloud resources.

Server Load Balancer

Automatically flow distribution on multiple servers, and eliminates single-point-of-failure.

Content Delivery Network

Designed to deliver content from origin sites to end-users anywhere in the world with low latency.

Object Storage Service

Enables you to store, backup and archive large amounts of data.

Relational Database System

An on-demand database hosting service for MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Free Anti-DDOS

Protects your data and application from DDoS and Trojan attacks.

Free CloudMonitor

Automate performance monitoring of all your web resources and applications in real-time.

Web Application Firewall

Utilize big data capabilities on the cloud to protect against web-based attacks.

Why Alibaba Cloud

China’s largest public cloud service provider and the 5th largest worldwide

Paid Users
Customers Worldwide

Secure and Reliable

Deploy globally on a trusted and high performance cloud network. Alibaba Cloud's BGP multi-line network and distributed cloud operating system provide high availability and multiple copies of data redundancy for all cloud products.

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As a Singapore registered company, Alibaba Cloud complies with a large number of high-level international certifications to guarantee data security, including Gold Certification in Cloud Security from the British Standards Institute.

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Record-breaking Power

Alibaba Cloud has broken records in data sorting technology, DDoS protection, and compute performance to power and secure the world’s largest international e-commerce network.

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Cloud Without Borders

Cut down latency and deploy globally on Alibaba Cloud’s international network of 14 data centers and manage all regions through a single global account.

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Purchase Guidelines and FAQs

What are Starter Packages?

1. What are Starter Packages?

Starter Packages are one-stop solutions for SMEs, individual developers and new Alibaba Cloud customers. Alibaba Cloud currently provides two Starter Packages: General Package and Cloud Web Hosting Package. These two packages include necessary cloud products at attractive prices to help users quickly setup on the cloud. Starter Packages are designed for simple business scenarios. It is recommended that you buy individual cloud products if the package does not meet your actual business needs.

2. What is the difference between the General Package and the Cloud Web Hosting Package?

The General Package includes one cloud server and one data transfer plan, which suits most scenarios for small businesses. The Cloud Web Hosting Package is designed for hosting a website, which bundles web hosting, domain, DNS and web application image. Currently the General Package only supports monthly subscription, and Cloud Web Hosting Package only supports one-year subscription.

What policies are there regarding purchase of these Starter Packages?

1. Are there any restrictions on users and purchase volume?

Starter Packages are currently available to all registered users with Alibaba Cloud accounts. There is no limit to the number of the Packages a user can purchase.

2. Can coupons be used to purchase Starter Packages?

Given they are a special and cost-effective offer for customers, coupons cannot be applied to purchase Starter Packages. However, certain coupons can be used in conjunction with the Packages. Please refer to your coupon description or campaign rules to review the details of use.

3. How do I renew my Starter Package/s?

The General Package supports automatic and manual renewal. If you select manual renewal, you will need to log in to the Console and renew your ECS included in the Package. If you cannot renew due to an issue with your payment method, please contact post-sales for assistance.

Cloud Web Hosting Package currently does not have a feature to renew. However, Alibaba Cloud will provide an opt-in for renewal before your Package expires.

4. Can Starter Packages be refunded?

Sorry, Starter Packages cannot be refunded.

FAQs on cloud server (ECS)

1. Are instances included in the Package equivalent to instances available on the ECS product page?

Yes. We offer generation Ⅱ or Ⅲ ECS instances for Starter Packages. Therefore, performance is the same as instances for sale on the ECS product page, assuming you choose the same CPU and memory settings. Starter Package instances also receive an independent IP address, just as instances sold through the ECS product page.

2. Can I upgrade my ECS instance and disks?

Currently only new disks can be added to Starter Package ECS instances. CPU and memory upgrades are not supported.

FAQs on Data Transfer Plan and Network

1. How do I get the Data Transfer Plan listed in the Package?

The Data Transfer Plan will be sent to your account after the successful launch of your ECS instance.

For Cloud Web Hosting Package, you will receive 12 monthly Data Transfer Plans in your Console order list. Each monthly plan comes with one-month validity that can be activated on a one-by-one basis.

2. How long is the valid period of the Data Transfer Plan for the Packages? What happens to unused data in my plan? What happens if I exceed my Package Data Transfer Plan?

The Data Transfer Plan is only valid for that month’s usage period.

Unused data will not be transferred to the following month.

If the traffic for that month exceeds the package amount, you will be billed at the instance's network Pay-As-You-Go regional rate. Here are the rates per region. You can also purchase the Data Transfer Plan from here.

3. What is the peak bandwidth of the ECS in the Packages? Can this be modified?

The peak bandwidth for ECS instances from the Packages is 30Mbps. This cannot be modified by the user.

If you need higher peak bandwidth, we suggest you purchase ECS separately and set the peak bandwidth up to 200Mbps.

4. Does the Data Transfer Plan apply to cross-regions?

There are three types of Data Transfer Plans: China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Outside of China. These three plans support regions as listed below.

China Mainland: Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Zhangjiakou

Hong Kong: Hong Kong

Outside of China: EU Central, US East, US West, Australia, and Singapore

5. How to check the usage of the Data Transfer Plan within the Package?

Log in to your Console, and follow these steps: Billing Management > Resource Package Management > Resource Package Overview, and select Data Transfer Plan in the drop down box menu called “Product”.

6. When a single account purchases more than one instance from the Starter Package, what is the usage logic for Data Transfer Plans?

In this case, all Data Transfer Plans will by used one by one according to the subscription expiration date. The earlier the expiration date, the higher priority for it to be used.

For example, if one user purchases three instances (A, B, C) and receives Data Transfer Plans separately named A1, B1, C1 with the expiration dates of 5/6/2017, 5/9/2017 and 5/16/2017. The consumption sequence will be: Data Transfer Plan A1 from instance A will be used firstly to all instances (A, B and C). When A1 has been consumed or the expiration date is due, B1 will be applied successively to all ECS instances. The same logic is followed by C1.

7. What is the network type of the ECS instances in the Starter Packages?

The network is randomly assigned with a priority of VPC. If you have any specific requirements on the ECS network, please check the order confirmation page to see whether it satisfies your requirements.

8. Can the public IP address of the ECS be changed?

Sorry we don’t support this change.

FAQs on Domain and DNS

1. What domain names are supported for registration?

Domain name registration only supports .com and .net domains.

2. When and where can I change the domain name registrant information?

When registering a domain name, the complete registrant information is required. The Cloud Web Hosting Package will extract the registration information from your Alibaba Cloud account. You can modify this information after registration on the domain page of the Console.

3. How can I test the Cloud Web Hosting Package domain name resolution?

The domain name you selected will be automatically resolved to the public IP address of the purchased ECS instance. Generally, approximately 5 minutes after the ECS instance activation status has changed to 'Running', you can access the ECS instance through the registered domain name.

On the Alibaba Cloud Console ECS product page, select the region in which your Cloud Web Hosting Package ECS instance is running. You can see the state of any of your running Web Hosting Package instances, and their public IPs.

On Windows systems, you can manually verify the domain resolution to the server from the ping command.


1) Open the Dos window: Computer Desktop->Start->All Programs->Accessories->Run.

2) Enter ping+space+your domain name (for example:

3) Press Enter to display the results, which will show the linked IP address. If the IP address is consistent with the public IP address of the purchased ECS, this means that the resolution has been applied.

Likewise, on a Linux system, directly execute the ping command in the Shell environment to verify the resolution.

4. After my Alibaba Cloud DNS is purchased can I modify the records?

The Cloud Web Hosting Package provides DNS functions. By default, it will automatically resolve the domain name to the ECS instance purchased in the Package. Of course, you can modify the resolution settings and set other A records and MX records. If needed, you can also resolve this domain name to another ECS instance purchased from Alibaba Cloud.

FAQs on web application image and web hosting

1. Where do the web application images used in the Cloud Web Hosting Package come from?

The Package uses web application images from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, which have been carefully selected from third-party vendors. These web application images are offered by Alibaba Cloud partners that have been officially certified by Alibaba Cloud.

Users can also choose Alibaba Cloud Public Images on the purchase page, for a customized deployment.

2. How do I create a personal WordPress blog?

Please refer to the Tutorial for Cloud Web Hosting Package. After purchasing the Cloud Web Hosting Package, you can quickly create a personal WordPress blog site that runs on an ECS instance with an exclusive domain name and IP. This process takes less than 5 minutes to setup.


1. Which regions require ICP certification for Alibaba Cloud? Which do not require ICP?

All Mainland China regions, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Zhangjiakou require an ICP License. Sydney, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, US West, US East and Singapore do NOT require an ICP License. Please note if you use the Mainland China CDN service, you will also be required to apply for an ICP License.

2. How do I apply for an ICP Filing?

When applying for an ICP Filing (the first category of an ICP License), you must follow Chinese Internet management regulations. An ICP Filing must be obtained for all websites created on ECS instances on a web server or CDN node located in Mainland China. Please visit the ICP Filing Application page.

Due to registration, auditing, and other reasons, the ICP Filing page is currently only available in Chinese characters. Support and application review services in English language will be available in the future.

For more information about obtaining an ICP Filing, please see ICP Filing FAQ.


Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to adjust the purchase policy, pricing, product configurations and features, including but not limited to set maximum number of Starter Packages that one single account can purchase, adjust the application of the Data Transfer Plan (e.g., the Data Transfer Plan can only be applied to the instances purchased in the Starter Packages), etc.

Alibaba Cloud will update the Purchase Guidelines and FAQ s, and send notification emails to the existing Starter Packages users upon such adjustment.

For more questions, please contact Pre-sales Support >>