Global Digital Branding

Accelerate your Go Global journey with digital products, training services, and professional consultation designed for the target overseas market


The Alibaba Cloud Global Digital Branding (GDB) solution (in collaboration with Alibaba Group's eWTP Team) supports your brand’s Go Global journey and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) strategy with comprehensive and detailed training and consulting services based on overseas market rules and a portfolio of industry-proven digital products. This solution leverages the best practices in overseas markets and rich resources from overseas service ecosystems to ensure a smooth start for your brand in overseas target markets. This can help optimize the customer experience for overseas consumers and accelerate the global development of your brand.

This solution provides the following three GDB plans. You can choose the plan as you see fit based on your business requirements for global branding and current development status.

Talent Plan

The eWTP-certified experts provide training services to help gain insight into overseas target markets, develop brand strategies and methodologies, understand the process of building your DTC e-commerce website, and learn the basics of global trade (such as operational tools and business localization), preparing your brand for global development with market-savvy operations, products, services, and talents.

Suitable Enterprises:
Large-sized retailers of e-commerce platforms
Small and medium-sized retailers (and groups) of e-commerce platforms
Entrepreneur retailers based on DTC e-commerce websites

Consultation Plan

A team of eWTP localization experts will help develop a brand incubation plan based on your branding strategy goals by combining successful customer cases of Go Global brands and Alibaba Group's rich resources of overseas ecosystems and provide exclusive training, products, and services for your start-up and development in target markets.

Suitable Enterprises:
New and emerging brands
Small and medium-sized brands
Large agencies and operation organizations

Collaboration Plan (Coming Soon)

This plan provides consulting services for brands to start and develop in overseas markets. Overseas branding experts from Alibaba Cloud will accompany the whole branding process, helping enterprises develop branding strategies, use various marketing, website building and operation tools, and combine the overseas market capabilities of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud, and eco-partners to customize a complete global branding solution.

Suitable Enterprises:
Large-sized brands
Vertical e-commerce brands

Customer Best Practice – DTC Brand REST

REST is a benchmark brand created by Samsung Down (a leading bedding manufacturer in China) and a team of GDB-certified instructors (MTC). The team is fully involved in market insights, product and brand strategy, supply chain management, DTC website building, and marketing operations to help REST incubate, grow, and achieve core business milestones in its target markets.


The Go Global Journey From 0 to 1

Top 10

Top 10 Bedding Brands in the U.S. market in 2022


Up to $30,000 of Average Daily GMV

$10 Million+

$10,000,000+ Total GMV After Launching

"While we were involved in Alibaba's global digital talent development, we were exposed to Alibaba Group's theory of ideas from brand strategy to execution and Alibaba Cloud's insights on the future of digital business, which gave us guidance and laid the foundation of our brand strategy. We applied the ideas and insights when creating REST, which played an important role in our business practices."

— Yong Zhou, Founder of REST

Helping REST find the entry of the Go Global strategy through the insight of public opinions

In response to the pain points of customers in the local market, we facilitated the development of corresponding cooling products, which became the breakout product in the bedding category in the U.S. market. We also expanded the product's market segment and relaunched the product to athletes troubled by similar problems, expanding the business to new customer groups.

Empowering brand and product operations

In response to negative customer feedback, the GDB experts contacted the management of REST and helped drive the supply chain and production line to troubleshoot the problem, improve the product, and send new samples to the customer within one day, swiftly and efficiently improving the customer experience while maintaining brand reputation.

Managing DTC website building and content marketing

Based on the preliminary market research, product positioning, and branding objectives, the three managers of the GDB project helped complete the design and building of the DTC website and corresponding marketing promotions by managing a team of overseas experts.

Guiding REST to promote social responsibility and brand identity

After discussions with the local marketing team, the GDB experts helped REST marketing team combine product return strategies, local care for the disadvantaged, and social media branding strategies to use refund costs as social media marketing and public service project expenditures, gaining positive market feedback.

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Global Digital Branding Journey (Approximately Ten Weeks)

GDB Project Kickoff

Assist with defining Go Global strategic goals and specifying project plans and key project milestones

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GDB Training

Share overseas market insights and provide training on the use of marketing tools to help master brand marketing in target markets

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GDB Operations

Start GDB operations, including building a DTC website, configuring businesses modules, and daily operations with data visualization

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GDB Marketing Execution

Assist the execution of marketing operations, associate your brand with target marketing channels, and help achieve the key objectives of your Go Global journey

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GDB Project Kickoff

Assist with defining Go Global strategic goals and specifying project plans and key project milestones

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GDB Training

Share overseas market insights and provide training on the use of marketing tools to help master brand marketing in target markets

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GDB Operations

Start GDB operations, including building a DTC website, configuring businesses modules, and daily operations with data visualization

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GDB Marketing Execution

Assist the execution of marketing operations, associate your brand with target marketing channels, and help achieve the key objectives of your Go Global journey

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GDB Project Kickoff

This solution starts your GDB project with a CEO workshop, including case studies and interactive discussions. Our eWTP experts will learn the demands and objectives of your brand in the target overseas market, inspire management teams to provide deep insights about brand Go Global strategies, schedules, and teams, and help clarify opinions and develop action plans for the following issues:

  • Business models of DTC brand in target markets
  • Strategic position of the brand, expected investment, and milestones
  • Executable steps for the Go Global journey
  • Building the Go Global team

GDB Training

Understanding the Go Global Journey, Gaining Insights into the Target Markets

Overview of Chinese brands' overseas industry ecosystem
The development history and stages of Chinese e-commerce brands in overseas markets
The latest industrial policies of the Go Global journey
Challenges and opportunities in the current overseas markets

Finding Opportunities of Branding and Developing Branding Strategies

Opportunities for the brand in target markets
Tools and service platforms for market research
The effect and key elements of a brand's creative strategy development
Key indicators for screening and evaluating service providers

Promoting Product Innovation and Managing Supply Chain

Design theory analysis
Applying design theory in product innovation
Flexible supply chain management
Managing production process and controlling product quality
Managing product stock-out and on-shelf

Building a DTC Website That Unifies Products and Sales

Building the basic architecture of a cross-border e-commerce website
Creating website content
Hands-On: Building a DTC website and creating content with Alibaba Cloud SaaS software

Conducting Digital Marketing and Promotion

Building the basic services of a DTC website
The consumer decision-making process
Uni marketing strategy and plan
Producing advertising materials
Hands-On: Developing a uni marketing strategy and creating content for advertising

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GDB Operations

  • Registering on Alibaba Cloud, Activating DTC Website-Related Resources

    Creating an Alibaba Cloud account
    Registering an enterprise account and verifying the identity
    Activating the SaaS service for website building

  • Configuring Brand Website with Alibaba Cloud SaaS Software

    Detailed website-building guidance for every step
    Modern and responsive templates, with support for TOW editing
    Various business plug-ins and extensions

  • Configuring Business Modules on Alibaba Cloud

    Configuring livestreaming for e-commerce
    Configuring the VOD function
    Configuring the instant messaging service

  • Managing Daily Business, Optimizing Operational Performance

    Configuring the website to optimize customer experience
    Managing products on the website
    Managing logistics and warehouses
    Configuring the website for daily operations
    Managing orders and payment

Comprehensive Resources for GDB Marketing Execution

Digital Products

Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Group's overseas capability network (including Alibaba Cloud’s global nodes, Ant Group, and Cainiao Network) provides one-stop digital solutions (including website building SaaS software, community operation services (livestreaming and VOD), marketing promotion, Metaverse marketing, payment, and logistics.

  • The best practices of Alibaba Group's years of experience in the global retail industry

  • Stable and reliable global cloud infrastructure with a comprehensive range of products

  • Out-of-the-box web building SaaS software

  • Solutions for scenarios (such as global e-commerce, livestreaming for e-commerce, and social commerce)

Localized Services

Based on customer success cases of brands and cross-border e-commerce zones operated in the target markets, we deconstruct the best practices of brand DTC websites, analyze the execution process and methods, and provide a full range of knowledge sharing to accelerate your learning path and branding in the target markets.

  • Target market analysis and insights

  • Localized marketing and operations with ecosystem resources

  • Localized features of the content on a DTC website

International Talent Pool

Our long-term, complete, and comprehensive talent recruitment and training system integrates the talent strategy with your daily operations, helping build an agile and efficient talent team focused on international operations using global resources.

  • 10,000+ international GDB talents from Alibaba communities

  • Long-term collaboration with 100+ top global universities and various venture capital associations

  • Up to 10,000 local GDB talents trained by Alibaba's Global Digital Talent (GDT) program

  • Long-term collaboration with domestic universities to train talent pools in foreign trade, foreign languages, and more

International Collaboration

We help you quickly test new markets and customers and find the optimal marketing measures by facilitating collaboration with Alibaba Cloud and Alibaba Group's overseas business resources (such as local e-commerce platforms and retailers) in different business dimensions (such as direct shipping and B2B2C business).

  • eWTP-related global resources from Alibaba Group

  • Alibaba Cloud's customer collaboration groups of new retail

  • Alibaba Cloud's global eco-partners

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

About eWTP

The Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) is a platform jointly initiated by all international trade stakeholders, aiming to create a more free, innovative, and inclusive international trading environment by promoting public-private dialogue and sharing best practices. Alibaba (as the initiator of eWTP) led a joint effort with its affiliates (including Ant Financial, Cainiao Network, and Lazada) to launch a comprehensive program with functions (including a one-stop international trade facilitation services, advanced logistics hub, cloud computing and big data center, inclusive financial services, and digital talent human resource training) and will continue to explore new business practice initiatives to continue contributing to creating a more inclusive global digital economy.

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