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Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides a full-stack solution for generative AI development, which includes a collection of compute-optimized ECS instances with high-performance GPUs, a powerful AI computing platform, a one-stop AI development platform, and acceleration features for AI model training and inference. This solution helps you build and optimize foundation models (FMs) based on your business needs, so you can create new and intelligent customer experiences, and drive business transformation with innovations in generative AI.

  • Powered by Compute-Optimized GPUs

    Train and run large-scale FMs containing billions of parameters with high performance, scalability, and cost effectiveness on Alibaba Cloud ECS instances and NVIDIA GPUs

  • A Diverse Selection of Pre-Built FMs

    Choose FMs for your business from a wide range of pre-built models in PAI-EAS, including Alibaba Cloud's Tongyi Qianwen (Qwen), Stable Diffusion, Llama 2, and more from Hugging Face

  • Streamlined FM Integration

    Integrate and deploy FMs in easy steps with Machine Learning Platform for AI and ECS, and tap into the capabilities and services of Alibaba Cloud to speed up innovation

  • Model Training / Inference Optimization

    Apply end-to-end performance optimization to accelerate dataset processing, model training, and model inference, and enhance it with a GPU-based AI acceleration solution

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2023 Alibaba Cloud Global Summit: Powering Up Future Business with Generative AI

At the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Global Summit, Mr. Dongliang Guo, VP of Product and Solution, discussed the significance of the cloud computing industry when driving AI transformation, introduced Alibaba Cloud’s latest innovations (including Cloud-Native AI Suite 2.0 and the 8th Generation of ECS), and demonstrated the exciting capabilities of multi-modality content generation jointly supported by Alibaba Cloud and key partners.

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Learn More About Generative AI on Alibaba Cloud

Accelerated FM Training and Inference on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides two solutions for you to speed up generative AI development. You can leverage Lingjun to complete compute-intensive tasks of large-scale FMs, or choose our unified hardware/software acceleration to customize your AI acceleration strategy.

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Lingjun: All-in-One Platform for Powerful AI Computing
Lingjun provides high-intensity heterogeneous computing services for large-scale generative AI tasks based on high-performance Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networks for large-scale data centers, and fully-managed Cloud Parallel File Storage (CPFS) system. It leverages pre-packaged GPUs and Platform for AI (PAI) to provide full-link performance acceleration for AI training and inference tasks in one stop.
Unified Hardware and Software Acceleration for AI
Alibaba Cloud speeds up generative AI development with purpose-selected GPUs, GPU-oriented optimization and acceleration technologies for high-efficiency hardware utilization, and optimization features from Platform for AI (PAI) for dataset processing, model training, and model inference tasks.

1. GPUs for Model Training and Inference

    Model Training: gn7 series of ECS instances power large-scale training tasks with high-performance NVIDIA GPUs
    Model Inference: gn6 series of ECS instances provide a cost-effective choice for model inference tasks

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2. AI Acceleration

3. Platform for AI

    PAI provides an end-to-end optimization solution to including PAI-iTAG for data labeling, PAI-DSW for model building, PAI-DLC for model training, and PAI-EAS for model inference and deployment.

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A Wide Selection of Open-Source FMs

Tongyi Qianwen (Qwen)

Alibaba Cloud has released two open-source Tongyi Qianwen models: Qwen, the large language model (including Qwen-7B and Qwen-14B), and Qwen-Chat, the chat model (including Qwen-7B-Chat and Qwen-14B-Chat). Qwen-14B and Qwen-7B outperform other baseline models of a similar size on a series of benchmark datasets (including MMLU, C-Eval, GSM8K, MATH, HumanEval, MBPP, BBH, etc.) that evaluate the models' capabilities on natural language understanding, mathematical problem solving, coding, etc. Please refer to OpenCompass Large Language Model Leaderboard or download Qwen Technical Report for details.

You can use PAI-EAS to deploy web UI applications based on the open source Qwen models, and use the web UI and API operations to perform model inference.

Llama 2

Llama is an open-source LLM. Compared to its predecessor, Llama 1, Llama 2 has more training data and a longer context length, making it more versatile and accurate in generating natural language at scale. You can run Llama 2 on PAI-EAS in WebUI with just a few clicks or use API with Python Wrapper code to set up Llama 2 service.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source and popular cross-modal generation model that leverages advanced deep learning algorithms and techniques to generate visually compelling images based on text descriptions. You can deploy the Stable Diffusion models and create a text-to-image generation service with a few clicks in PAI-EAS.


ChatGLM is an open-source LLM based on the General Language Model (GLM) architecture. ChatGLM-6B is trained on 1 trillion tokens and uses supervised fine-tuning (SFT), self-feedback system, and human feedback reinforcement learning (RLHF) to better align with human preferences. You can quickly deploy the ChatGLM application in PAI-EAS.

Vector Database and Vector Search Services

Alibaba Cloud’s vector data management apparatus includes vector database AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL and vector search engines, which are designed to store, manage, and retrieve vector embedding data as high-dimensional data effectively and efficiently. This makes it accurate and fast to query or retrieve data based on their vector distance or similarity, simplifying the AI training and prediction process.

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Scenario-Based Generative AI Services on Alibaba Cloud

You can easily deploy generative AI applications on Compute Nest to provide various types of generative AI services, without concerns about the underlying architecture.
For more generative AI applications, stay tuned for Wanxiang from DAMO Academy.

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