Heterogeneous Database Migration

Migrate data between different data engines with Data Transmission Service (DTS)

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Complete heterogeneous migration between different data engines with Data Transmission Service (DTS). DTS supports homogenous migrations such as MySQL to MySQL, as well as heterogeneous migration between different data engines, such as Oracle to MySQL. During the migration process, the source database remains fully operational, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the source database.

Solution Architecture

  1. Depending on business needs, there are numerous options available for migration of OLAP databases and OLTP databases held in traditional data centers. These options include migrating to Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS, a self-built database on Alibaba Cloud ECS, a distributed relation database system (DRDS) or a Big Data warehouses ODPS as the target database.
  2. If the source and target databases have heterogeneous engines, such as migration from an OLAP database on Oracle to Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS MySQL or RDS PPAS, some table structures will need to be converted and large fields will need to be transformed. This is due to the functional gap between heterogeneous databases.
  3. Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission System (DTS) can deliver table structure conversion between heterogeneous databases, as well as full or incremental data migration, and comparison between local and cloud databases. The product also enables prioritized migration of table structures, followed by the migration of full data and then dependency relationships such as foreign keys in a certain order.
  4. To migrate functionality or differentiated features that are not supported by the target database, such as partitioned tables, views, synonyms, custom data types and other special structural objects, manual transformation and migration is required.


  • Professional migration tools and services
  • Convenient migration

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