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Data Migration is managed via Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) to achieve object definition and data migration. Object definition migration means migrating the definition syntax of structure objects, such as a table or a view, to the target database. In addition to the object definition, DTS migrates data stored in the table to the target database.

Scenario Overview

  1. Migration of data from a local database to Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB or a self-built database hosted on ECS is the most vital step during the cloud migration process. Database migration methods vary according to different types of database engines, data size and business database read-write frequencies.
  2. For most databases, similar steps are involved when it comes to cloud migration. This includes the initialization of cloud databases, full backup of local databases, full data imports into the cloud database, full or incremental migration, data validation and calibration, and transformation of application and database programs. The actual migration may only involve a select number of these steps.
  3. Before migrating the database to the cloud, you will need to prepare a target database on the cloud. You can choose Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS, or a self-built database hosted on Alibaba Cloud ECS.
  4. Before migrating a local database, it is important to complete a full backup of the data stored on the source database for offline import to the cloud or rollback during the migration process. Alibaba Cloud Data Migration Service (DTS) can be used during migration for full or incremental data migration. The product also automates data validation after the migration.
  5. Alibaba Cloud DTS supports the following features:
  6. Hot migration: Incremental migration is supported. During the cloud migration, local services can continue so as to minimize the downtime of applications during data migration. After the business is validated to be successfully running on the cloud, you can choose to interrupt business operations for several minutes and then switch the business to Alibaba Cloud after the source and target data are fully synchronized.
  7. Resumable data transfer: DTS supports resuming data transfer tasks. This effectively improves the migration success rate in a harsh network environment and avoids re-migration of data after the migration task is interrupted because of network reasons.
  8. Data consistency validation: Real-time validation is implemented for full and incremental data to verify the data consistency in a fast and accurate manner.


  • Automated database migration
  • Specialized database migration services

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