Property Management Service Cloud Solution

Streamline hotel management and relevant operations using Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive property management solution (PMS). Alibaba Cloud's PMS enables you to focus on business priorities by helping you manage operations and take care of customers, and providing insights into business critical areas. An ideal cloud solution for hotels and property developers.

Recommended Solution Architecture

Solution description

  1. 1. Supporting hotel business processes:
  2. Staff at various hotel outlets can access the PMS on Alibaba Cloud through PMS clients or web pages. Business requests such as making a reservation, and check-in and check-out can be completed over the Internet and forwarded to multiple ECS servers of the PMS application through the server load balancer. The processing results are then written to the backend business databases. ApsaraDB for RDS may be used for the business databases. It supports multiple database types including MySQL, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, while also offering basic operation and maintenance services for databases. Customers are also able to build up and maintain their own databases using cloud servers with high-performance SSD disks.
  3. 2. On- and off-cloud connectivity:
  4. Large hotel chains usually have self-built or rented IDC machine rooms with many off-cloud applications being deployed. It is difficult to migrate all of the application platforms onto the cloud in one go, and as a result the on-cloud PMS system needs to connect to the other off-cloud systems to facilitate step-by-step cloudification. Alibaba Cloud VPC enables hotel clients to define their network structures on the cloud and link up their on-cloud PMS and off-cloud IDC through dedicated lines. In so doing, Alibaba Cloud is able to flexibly expand the original IDC resources of these companies.
  5. 3. Analytical applications:
  6. In addition to the traditional O&M statements and reports, hotel customers and members also become the target of analytical applications for improving product design and marketing capabilities. Alibaba Cloud's open data processing service (ODPS) provides storage and computing capabilities for mass data, supporting SQL and MapReduce data processing models. Hotel customers are able to import data from business databases to the OPD, enabling them to store and analyze mass historical data.

Solution Driven

IT facilities unable to meet the demands of business growth
Flexible and low cost
The hotel property management system is traditionally deployed in a single hotel or with a headquarter IDC. It usually takes longer than three months for PMS model selection, procurement, installation and deployment, making it difficult to adapt to the rapid expansion of hotels. Given the fierce competition and low profit margin of the hotel industry, it is difficult to make huge investments in IT infrastructure, and as both the IT infrastructure and O&M teams grow, the operational costs for companies will also increase.
Server, network and database resources are ready for use out of the box, can be activated after just a few minutes, and be flexibly re-sized based on the development of the business. The IT costs, operation and maintenance workforce and system deployment time have been reduced by 50%, 80% and 90% respectively compared with those in the traditional IT models.
User experience hard to guarantee
High-quality network
In the mobile Internet era, online reservation, online room selection, mobile payment and other newly fashioned services all require a sound network environment. However, the old machine rooms or hosting machine rooms of hotels lack multi-line BGP connectivity, and are vulnerable to network attacks, making it hard to guarantee a good experience for mobile Internet.
High-quality network offered. Alibaba Cloud data centers in every region support multi-line BGP network access to ensure the optimal network quality for hotel property management system users whether they are using a PC or a mobile client. Alibaba Cloud is gradually rolling out more overseas data centers to support the global business expansion of hotels.
Weak data analysis capabilities
Seamless integration
Hotels generally lack data analysis capabilities, including the construction and O&M of big data platforms, making it difficult for them to effectively analyze mass historical data to improve their product design and marketing performance.
Alibaba Cloud’s property management system solutions are seamlessly integrated with hotel's existing infrastructures, enabling on-cloud and off-cloud connectivity. As a result, the high-quality public cloud resources can be used to flexibly expand IT resources for companies at low costs.