Apsara Stack Agility Elastic Compute Service (Alibaba Cloud ZStack)

A next-generation open-source hybrid cloud solution designed for intelligent data centers

Apsara Stack Agility Elastic Compute Service (Alibaba Cloud ZStack) is a light-weight hybrid cloud solution which can be easily deployed to manage hardware in data centers, servers on the edge, and hybrid cloud environments across on-premises and Alibaba Cloud resources. Compared with traditional private and hybrid cloud solutions, Alibaba Cloud ZStack is more cost-efficient and scalable. You can deploy Alibaba Cloud ZStack from as few as a single node in 30 minutes and easily scale out to hundreds of servers when needed.

Why Alibaba Cloud ZStack?

Open Source
Alibaba Cloud ZStack is an open-source hybrid cloud solution. You can easily download the installation package online and set up a cloud platform in just 30 minutes, and enable a one-click smooth upgrade in 5 minutes.
Cost Efficient
Alibaba Cloud ZStack increases the utilization of server resources by concentrating hardware resources, integrating the information system architecture and reducing unnecessary hardware expenses, saving clients up to 90% in total costs.
Automated O&M
Alibaba Cloud ZStack provides rich Restful APIs that covers the functions of the private cloud platform, SQL-like query APIs to query all resources with millions of combined conditions.
Outstanding Performance
Alibaba Cloud ZStack can manage 10,000+ hosts and 100,000+ VM instances on a single management node, process 10,000+ concurrent API requests per second, and create 100+ VM instances in minutes.
Stable and Reliable
Alibaba Cloud ZStack provides high availability for VM instances and management nodes, ensuring the computing, network, and storage services of a VM instance to work properly if the corresponding management node is disconnected.
Secure and Controllable
Alibaba Cloud ZStack supports L2 VLAN/VXLAN isolation, and provides security groups to protect your VM network from malicious attacks. It also provides three levels of permission management (admin-level, account-level and user-level) and resource isolation.

Usage Scenarios

Alibaba Cloud ZStack can be used in various scenarios such as Network Interconnection, Disaster Recovery, Unified Hybrid Cloud Management, One-Click Cloud Migration, Security and Protection, and Public Cloud Value-added Services.

Alibaba Cloud ZStack in Various Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Network Interconnection

Alibaba Cloud ZStack seamlessly connects your private cloud businesses and public cloud businesses for flexible resource scheduling. You can deploy your businesses either in the private cloud or the public cloud as needed. In addition, Alibaba Cloud ZStack links the isolated and fragmented IT resources in the public cloud. Local business clusters and public cloud business clusters are connected through the hybrid cloud network interconnection.

Disaster Recovery

A traditional disaster recovery solution is expensive and time-consuming. Many enterprises hesitate to establish their remote data center for disaster recovery due to limited budgets. With Alibaba Cloud ZStack, you can encrypt and back up data to the public cloud storage. You will pay only what you use, implementing remote disaster recovery in the public cloud with no worries about scaling up. Encrypt and back up private cloud data to the public cloud storage.

Unified Hybrid Cloud Management

Traditionally, the private cloud and the public cloud cannot be connected through APIs, making it hard to implement unified management both online and offline. With Alibaba Cloud ZStack, you can manage both the private cloud and the public cloud at the same time by integrating services of Alibaba Cloud into ZStack on a unified management platform both online and offline.

One-Click Cloud Migration

Traditionally, businesses cannot be flexibly migrated between the private and the public clouds due to lack of network interconnection in the data plane. With Alibaba Cloud ZStack, you can migrate your businesses between the private and the public clouds without business interruption.

Security and Protection

Traditionally, the private cloud and the public cloud are secured separately, making it hard to secure these two clouds in a unified way. In addition, it might cause overlapping investments and construction cost. With Alibaba Cloud ZStack, you can secure the private cloud and the public cloud online and offline on a unified management platform. The functions of Anti-DDoS Premium, vulnerability scanning, and virus protection provided by Alibaba Cloud ZStack ensures the closed loop security between the private and the public clouds by discovering and solving security issues with one-click vulnerability repair and virus isolation.

Public Cloud Value-Added Services

Traditionally, the private cloud cannot provide the value-added services that the public cloud has. To use the value-added services of the public cloud, you must manually create virtual machines in the public cloud and then deploy your businesses in the virtual machines. With Alibaba Cloud ZStack, you can use the network interconnection to directly migrate the value-added services. You can also migrate local businesses to Alibaba Cloud to obtain the richful value-added services, such as DataV, RDS, and Anti-DDoS Premium. In this way, you can reduce the second development in the private cloud and meet your specific business demands.

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Alibaba Cloud ZStack is one of the first hybrid cloud platforms in the industry to realize network interconnection in both the control plane and the data plane.


Quickly creates and allocates images like Docker does.

Multi-tenant quota and billing

Provides enhanced self-service capability of the private cloud platform.

Startup sequence adjustment

Allows you to reinstall your VM instances or recover your VM instances by using ISO images.

Resource tagging and locating

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Resource delayed deletion

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Resource overcommitting

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Load balancing

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Network topology

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