VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway is an Internet-based service that establishes a connection between a VPC and your on-premise data center.

VPN Gateway Pricing

Billing Method and Billing Cycle

VPN Gateway supports Pay-As-You-Go. Fees are based on the actual network traffic and is billed hourly.

Billing Items

The total cost of each VPN gateway = Instance configuration fee + public network traffic fee.

Instance Configuration Fee

Cost = Price * retention time.

Each VPN gateway is calculated separately.

The instance configuration fee is billed on an hourly basis. The fee is deducted in real-time and partial hours are billed as full hours.

Two VPN Gateway specifications are available to use. The peak bandwidth of one specification is 10 Mbps and the other is 100 Mbps.

Instance Configuration Fee

Region Specification 10Mbps (USD/Hour) Specification 100Mbps (USD/Hour)
Mainland China 0.059 0.209
Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) 0.087 0.262
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney) 0.087 0.389
US East 1 (Virginia) 0.066 0.295
US West 1 (Silicon Valley) 0.082 0.392
Germany 1 (Frankfurt) 0.077 0.359

Public Network Traffic Fee

Cost = Price * billing traffic

Each VPN gateway is calculated separately.

Billing Traffic: Cumulative outbound traffic of the VPN Gateway per hour. Inbound traffic is not calculated. Outbound traffic refers to data transferred from the Alibaba Cloud data center to the Internet. The reverse is inbound traffic.

Public Network Traffic Fee

Region Price (USD/GB/Hour)
Mainland China 0.125
Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) 0.117
Asia Pacific SE 2 (Sydney) 0.096
US East 1 (Virginia) 0.078
US West 1 (Silicon Valley) 0.078
Germany 1 (Frankfurt) 0.070