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Comprehensive, Intelligent Detecting, Big Data-Driven Anti Money Laundering (AML) Solution

Make AML Compliance Simple

Helps you keep pace with the legislative and regulatory changes on AML.
Leverage the technology and best practice from a wallet with 800,000,000+ global customers.

Recognized Solution

Regulatory checks in the United States, Mainland China, China(Hong Kong), China(Macau), Malaysia, Vietnam, and Europe for years. Awarded by PBOC and HKMA based on AML intelligence solution.

Explainable Measures

Certificated by PwC and SWIFT, and copies could be provided for you for regulation audit usage. Configurable and sand box simulation support from workflow to algorithm.

Accurate Algorithm

Currenrtly supports Mandarin, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, English, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, Germany, Vietnamese, Japanese.

Supports 14+ languages
and unstructured information screening. Lowers false positive matches by 40% compared to top vendors in the market.

High Performance

Increases screening performance by 80% compared to common vendors in the market. Real-time screening of 10,000-level list only takes 10ms, million-level list takes 30ms.

Flexible Configuration

20+ tools and 7 modules that are pluggable and continuously updated. 100+ risk appetite configuration, interactive tuning to help the model evolve quickly, and intelligent trial components.

ZOLOZ Smart AML Key Functions

ZOLOZ Smart AML provides standard and customized solutions via SaaS and on-premise deployment base on your needs.

ZOLOZ Smart AML Lifecycle Coverage

Fulfil various needs in the AML compliance management lifecycle, from risk identification, black list screening, analysis and assessment, to regulatory reporting.

Tackle your AML Challenges in

Increasing Costs
● Driven largely by manpower
● Costs increase rapidly as business growth
● High false positives

Customer Inconvenience
● Redundant onboarding process
● Delayed payments
● Poor user experience

Business Losses
● Cannot innovate banking services without effective & efficient compliance
● Revenue losses due to falsely declined transactions

Usage Scenarios and Recommended Services

Emerging Money Services

Industries that have been included in AML regulatory obligations in recent years, have strong demands for low-cost, light products that meet the baseline requirements.

Recommend Service: Sanction Screening SaaS Service

Small and Medium Financial Institutions

Increasing industry based risks and obligations trigger new requirements on efficiency improvement for traditional small and medium financial institutions.

Recommend Service: Sanctions Screening SaaS Service, RPA and Algorithm Improvements, E-filing reporting tools


Require customized risk detection and end-to-end solutions for specific scenarios, such as trade-based AML (TBML) and industry-specific services.

Recommend Service: Trade-based transaction monitoring, Free text sanctions screening

Customer Success Stories

30+ entities, 300+ scenarios AML Usage

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