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Helps you significantly reduce turnaround time when verifying customer accounts with a world-leading, proprietary, anti-spoofing algorithm for authentication

Up to 99%

Stable recognition confidence

100% AI Technology

Verification without human intervention

Up to 90%

Reduces manual data checks by up to 90%

3 Minutes

Complete an application in no time

10 Seconds

Swift approval

ZoloZ Real ID Features

  • Security of the Liveness Technology

    The liveness technology used by ZOLOZ Real ID meets the ISO 30107-3 Level 2 standard. ZOLOZ Real ID effectively protects against presentation and injection attacks (such as photo recapture, screen recapture, face reenactment, video attacks, 3D mask attacks, and other attacks) by using AI glasses.

  • Reduce Identity Fraud

    ZOLOZ Real ID supports comprehensive security checks of ID documents and provides rich AI models and risk engines. It can automatically identify frauds and effectively combat document forgery, screen recapture, printing forgery, photo pasting, blocking, and photo processing with Photoshop. It supports flash and multi-frame shooting.

  • Approval Alerts

    You can set the required authentication rules. ZOLOZ Real ID provides customer service representatives with the necessary information in special circumstances (such as document expiration) to help approve or reject applications as needed.

  • Multiple Service Accesses

    You can access ZOLOZ Real ID using an SDK, API, or mobile HTML5 for fast integration based on your business requirements. If you need additional deployment options, please contact the sales staff to discuss your requirements.

  • Risk Control Policies

    ZOLOZ Real ID provides an effective risk control engine and policies for liveness detection. It manages dynamic protection policies to combat attacks (such as liveness attacks, failure attacks, and centralized authentication) to prevent repeated attempts of "same document with different faces" and "same face with different documents."

  • Compatibility with Identity Verification of Various Documents

    It supports documents, including Southeast Asian identification and global passports. Based on document OCR and anti-counterfeiting capabilities, ZOLOZ Real ID can use the collected documents that are identified as true as authoritative comparison sources.

ZOLOZ Certifications & Recognitions

Security & Compliance

ZOLOZ Real ID adheres to the international information security standards ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS and has completed a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II audit.

The liveness technology used by ZOLOZ Real ID meets the ISO 30107-3 Level 2 standard.

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An Extraordinary Balance of eKYC experience & Security

Liveness detection by eye blinking for rapid and secure eKYC approvals
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Industries and Scenarios

ZOLOZ Real ID is suitable for scenarios that require "real person" verification

Finance Industry

Finance Industry

AML and KYC compliance, verification when opening a new account, and real-time transaction risk control

Hospitality & Airlines Industry

Hospitality & Airlines Industry

Mobile check-in

Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

Improve user security with real name verification

Social Networks

Social Networks

Identity authentication on real-name social networks such as online dating & online recruitment platforms


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