PolarDB Stack

A cloud-native database management platform that allows you to manage on-premises databases in the same way as in Alibaba Cloud.

Cloud in Box

PolarDB Stack is designed based on the concept of "Cloud in Box". It is a groundbreaking product that removes the service boundary of cloud databases. You can use this database appliance to run the cloud-native database service ApsaraDB for PolarDB developed by Alibaba Cloud on the premises.

PolarDB Stack is highly compatible with Oracle databases and allows you to migrate data from Oracle databases to ApsaraDB for PolarDB with only a few mouse clicks. This database appliance integrates the Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) service to reduce the migration costs by up to 95%. Integrates the spatio-temporal engine, Ganos, developed by Alibaba Cloud to extend the service scope to next-generation 5G-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications that enable online transaction processing (OLTP). Ganos is suitable for a variety of industries, including government and enterprise, transportation, shipping, finance and other industries.

Highly Compatible with Oracle Syntax

Provides compatibility with the data types, PL/SQL stored procedures, custom packages, DBMS packages, data dictionaries and other relevant characteristics of Oracle databases. Developers can use PolarDB Stack without further training about new SQL syntax, whcih helps to minimize the training costs for enterprises. Integrates the Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) service to achieve scientific evaluation before migrating Oracle databases. The system evaluates all SQL queries executed on the source Oracle databases. The evaluation reports show the details of data definition language (DDL) statements, data manipulation language (DML) statements and Java applications, and offers suggestions to fix detected issues.

Cloud-native Database Management Platform

Allows you to manage multiple tenants and instances on the database appliance by using a built-in database console or OpenAPI Explorer. You can build or complete elastic scaling of high-availability database clusters within a few minutes. PolarDB Stack uses the lock-free backup technology based on snapshots. When you manage data measured in terabytes by using PolarDB Stack, you can back up data within a few seconds or restore data within several minutes. This product simplifies the management of databases. You can use PolarDB Stack to manage Apsara PolarDB on the premises in the same way as you manage the databases in the cloud.

Enterprise Data Security Control

Applies built-in SQL injection prevention techniques, virtual private databases (VPDs), Data Redaction, SQL statement auditing, field-level encryption, and other enterprise data security management measures. You can use VPDs to create security policies to manage access to row-level data. Data Redaction protects sensitive data that is displayed in database applications. PolarDB Stack provides high-level comprehensive security protection solutions applicable to governments, financial enterprises, and enterprises in other fields.


Easy to Deploy

Supports integrated delivery that combines required software and hardware. The plug and play feature allows you to use the database appliance at the earliest opportunity.

Standard rack configurations

Supports integrated delivery that combines required hardware and software in standard 42U racks. You can use PolarDB Stack at the earliest opportunity without complex server installation and cabling on the premises.

Stability and Reliability

Works as a dedicated database server that is developed jointly by Alibaba Infrastructure Service (AIS) and Alibaba Cloud. This database appliance follows the database production standards of Alibaba Cloud to ensure the stability of enterprise-level systems.

High Performance

Supplies compute nodes with the following high-performance configurations: 96 virtual cores (vCores), 768 GB of memory, 25 Gbit/s internal bandwidth, and SSD storage that can store up to 120 TB of data.

Data Security

Enables multiple security protection measures and defends against injection attacks to enhance enterprise data security.

SQL Injection Prevention

Prevents SQL injection attacks based on the use of OR 1=1 or other statements, provides multiple matching models, and supports the machine learning mode to avoid data loss caused by attacks or user errors.

Data Redaction for Sensitive Data Mask Protection

Masks core data based on user privileges. For example, only the last 4 digits of a phone number are displayed for unauthorized users.

VPD (Row-level Access Control)

Enables row-level access control. You can authorize specified users to view only the data that meet the conditions in the WHERE clause. This ensures that different users can view and manage only authorized data.

Easy Management

Allows you to deploy a management platform to manage cloud-native databases on the premises.

Web Console

Allows you to manage on-premises databases on simple web pages with the same experience as you run Apsara PolarDB in Alibaba Cloud. For example, you can implement production, backup, scaling, or release of database clusters in the console.


Provides a feature-rich OpenAPI platform where you can call different functions to integrate DevOps by your own management system, or even provide cloud-native databases with cloud platforms such as OpenStack and VMWare.

Diversified Features

Provides comprehensive features to simplify database management. For example, you can build high-availability clusters within several minutes, and complete lock-free backup within a few seconds and snapshot-based recovery within several minutes. PolarDB Stack also supports SQL performance insight, summary of slow SQL queries, hardware interface monitoring, and SNMP traps.


Specification Number of compute nodes Number of storage nodes Number of vCores Total memory (GB) Data capacity (TB) Rack space (U) Power consumption (W) Weight (kg)
PolarDB Stack 3-1-20T 3 1 288 2304 19.72 18 2380 127
PolarDB Stack 3-1-40T 3 1 288 2304 39.44 18 2380 127
PolarDB Stack 4-1-20T 4 1 384 3072 19.72 20 2840 146
PolarDB Stack 4-1-40T 4 1 384 3072 39.44 20 2840 146
PolarDB Stack 8-2-40T 8 2 768 6144 39.44 30 5230 247
PolarDB Stack 8-2-80T 8 2 768 6144 78.89 30 5230 247
PolarDB Stack 12-3-60T 12 3 1152 9216 59.17 40 7620 348
PolarDB Stack 12-3-120T 12 3 1152 9216 118.33 40 7620 348

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