HybridDB for MySQL

HybridDB for MySQL is a Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing (HTAP) relational database service that supports online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) of large amounts of data.

Billing methods and items

Billing methods

HybridDB for MySQL offers the following billing methods:

Billing method Description
Subscription •You need to make a prepayment when creating a HybridDB for MySQL instance.
• Subscription-based instances can be more cost-effective than Pay-As-You-Go instances over a long-term period as they offer greater discounts.
• Subscription-based instances cannot be released during the subscription period. If you cancel your Subscription-based instances during the subscription period, you must pay the appropriate processing fees.
• You cannot switch from a Subscription-based instance to o instance.a Pay-As-You-G
Pay-As-You-Go •You are billed by the hour. The system generates a bill based on the instance configuration every hour, and deducts the corresponding amount from your account balance.
• Pay-As-You-Go instances can be more cost-effective over a short-term period. You can release the instance immediately when an instance is no longer needed.
• You can switch from a Pay-As-You-Go instance to a Subscription-based instance.

Billing items

Item Billing rules
Primary instance The billing methods are either Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go.
Storage space The billing of storage space can either be Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go based on the billing method of the primary instance.
Cloned instance The billing method for cloned instances is the same as buying a primary instance.
Backup space
•Fee: You will be billed by the hour when the backup data exceeds the free backup space quota.
Performance monitoring Free features: Monitoring frequency intervals for every 60 seconds and 300 seconds are free of charge.


Specifications Billing method China US (Virginia) US (Silicon Valley) Singapore Australia Germany Hong Kong Japan Dubai India Indonesia Malaysia
8 Cores, 32 GB, 0.5 TB USD per hour 0.73 0.73 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.90 0.92 0.87 1.08 0.87 0.92 0.87
8 Cores, 32 GB, 0.5T USD per month 349 376 494 494 494 497 494 448 596 470 494 469

Billing rules for configuration changes

The following table describes the billing rules for instance configuration changes.

Billing method Billing rule
Subscription • Instance configuration changes within the contract period Upgrade fee = (Daily fee of the upgraded instance - Daily fee of the instance before upgrade) * Number of remaining days starting from the upgrade date to the instance expiration date o If the remaining days are fewer than 365 days, the daily fee of the upgraded instance is based on the daily rate of the monthly subscription. o If the remaining days are greater than or equal to 365 days, the daily fee of the instance is based on the daily rate of the annual subscription. • Subscription renewal and changing instance configurations Billing is based on the new instance configurations and the subscription period.
Pay-As-You-Go The Pay-As-You-Go billing method remains unchanged after instance configuration changes.You are still billed by hour, and according to the current instance configuration.


The following table describes billing information for renewing instances.

Billing method Renewal description
Subscription • When the instance is renewed, you will be billed by the selected instance configuration and purchase period.
Pay-As-You-Go You do not need to renew a Pay-As-You-Go instance, since it is billed by actual resource usage.You only need to ensure successful payments.

Expiration and overdue payments

The following tableinstances and data when a Subscription-based instance expires or when th lists the retention policies of e payment of a Pay-As-You-Go instance is overdue.

Billing method Expiration and overdue payments
Subscription Your instances will be locked if the Subscription-based instances have expired for 15 days. When an instance is locked, it will be released after 15 days, and all the data stored in the instance will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
Pay-As-You-Go • If your credit card bound to your Alibaba Cloud account reaches the credit limit, all Pay-As-You-Go instances status under the account will change to overdue payment. • An instance with overdue payments will run for an extra 15 days before it is locked. Data in the instance will be retained during the 15-day period. If your subscription is not renewed after 15 days, the instance will be released and all data is permanently deleted.


Applications cannot access a locked instance, and you cannot perform any operations on the locked instance. We recommend that you renew your Subscription-based instances in time, and ensure your account balance has sufficient funds to prevent any service disruptions.