Alibaba Cloud DNS

Provides a stable, fast, secure, and smart DNS resolution management service for all types of domain names

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Alibaba Cloud DNS (Domain Name System) helps enterprises and developers translate human-readable domain names into machine readable IP addresses for intercommunication. It then routes user requests to the corresponding websites or application servers.


Global Anycast Network
Provides a global BGP anycast network with 19 nodes.
Fast Propagation
Records changes are propagated to global DNS servers within 1 to 10 seconds.
Security and Stability
Supports multiple system-defined features, such as DNS security protection, load balancing, and auto failover, to ensure the high availability and stability of your services.
Smart Resolution
Covers 6 continents and 87 countries/regions. It accelerates the DNS resolution service by returning the optimal IP addresses to users.


  • Global BGP Anycast Network

    20 DNS clusters worldwide: Zhangjiakou, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong,Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, US East, US West, Dubai, Australia, India, Germany, Indonesia, and London.

  • System-built DNS Security Features

    Alibaba Cloud DNS supports DNS protection with a peak size of 120 million QPS. It also supports system-built features, such as load balancing, auto failover, rate control, and malicious traffic scrubbing.

  • Smart Resolution

    Alibaba Cloud DNS provides multiple ISP lines for DNS resolution, including domestic ISP lines and international ISP lines. The domestic ISP lines include 5 ISPs. The international ISP lines cover 6 continents and 87 countries/regions. Based on these ISP lines, Alibaba Cloud DNS is able to return the optimal IP addresses to users to accelerate the DNS resolution service.

  • Fast DNS Record Propagation

    Propagates domain name changes to global DNS servers within 1 to 10 seconds to immediately apply the changes.

  • DNS Load Balancing

    The weighted traffic routing feature helps you avoid single points of failure (SPOFs).

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