The leading technologies and best practices of Alibaba Cloud in the new retail sector are integrated into Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) to help retailers improve their operations and management efficiency.

Alibaba Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Solution

Smart Display: CloudESL updates prices in real-time, switches templates based on use scenarios, and displays various types of information, such as real-time inventory, product information, order status, display information, and QR codes. In addition, LED flashing lights can be used to remind retailers of promotional activities, out of stock goods, and goods picking.

Centralized Management on the Cloud: CloudESL manages product information, pricing information, promotion information, store structures, roles, and permissions in a centralized manner. This solution also provides centralized O&M, which frees stores from additional IT O&M work.

Data-Driven Operations: CloudESL provides value-added services, such as display management, category optimization, smart picking, and dynamic pricing.

Online and Offline Interaction: CloudESL allows offline customers to scan QR codes to use online resources and services. This enriches the shopping experience of customers and increases the customer conversion rate.


  • Hypermarket
  • Traditional Chain
  • Department Store
  • Fresh Food Supermarket
  • Digital Product
  • Pharmacy

Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Benefits

Powerful Retail IoT Solution

CloudESL supports the access of the largest number of retail IoT devices in the industry and delivers industrial-level IoT stability. It updates and displays prices for hundreds of millions of products and manages hundreds of millions of ESL devices in distributed mode. The task success rate reaches 100%.

Powerful Cloud Platform

CloudESL provides SaaS software features based on the best practices in new offline retail. You can use APIs and SDKs to integrate CloudESL into your existing ERP system to increase deployment efficiency and reduce deployment costs.

Application of AI Technologies

CloudESL provides a series of value-added applications, such as dynamic price management, digital marketing, display management, and automated picking, based on the best practices and leading AI technologies in the retail industry.

Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Features

  • Long Battery Life

    Long-lasting and replaceable batteries; a battery can last as long as 5.5 years (four price updates per day).

  • Unified Hardware Platform

    Provides various ESL specifications and supports EPD ink-screen ESLs and TFT color-screen ESLs.

  • High Performance

    Responds to requests in seconds and delivers a 100% success rate of price updates. Both the response speed and accuracy are higher than those of manual operations.

  • OPEX Reduction

    Combines access points, low-cost ESL hardware, and cloud-computing services to reduce the operational costs of stores.

  • Multi-Terminal Adaptation

    Provides a series of store business applications, such as commodity binding, inventory management, and device management on web pages, apps, and DingTalk mini programs.

  • High Reliability

    Allows you to deploy all services on Alibaba Cloud to ensure high availability and security.

Deployment of Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

Alibaba Cloud provides installation support or E2E project delivery based on your business requirements.

Project Planning
Confirmation of the project scope
On-the-spot survey and solution design
Formulation of an implementation plan
In-Store Installation and Platform Deployment
Installation in one or more stores
Deployment of infrastructure, rails, accessories, and ESLs
Software deployment and information system integration
Online Use
Joint debugging and acceptance
Preparations for launch
Transfer to the store team

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