Application Real-Time Monitoring Service

Build business monitoring capabilities with real-time response based on frontend monitoring, application monitoring, and custom business monitoring capabilities

Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) is an end-to-end Alibaba Cloud monitoring service for Application Performance Management (APM). You can quickly develop real-time business monitoring capabilities using the frontend monitoring, application monitoring, and custom monitoring features provided by ARMS.


Application Performance and Anomaly Monitoring
Implements APM performance and anomaly monitoring in distributed applications, based on tracing information
Frontend Monitoring for User Experience
Reflects user webpage browsing behavior in real time using dimensions such as geological regions, ISPs, and URLs
Advanced Custom Monitoring
Allows you to create real-time monitoring alarms and dashboards based on your business needs
Centralized Alarm and Report Platform
Integrates custom monitoring, frontend monitoring, and application monitoring into a centralized alarm and report platform


  • Application Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of distributed applications.

    Application Topology Discovery

    Automatically generates a topology of distributed applications based on the call references through dynamic analysis and intelligent computing of tracing information.

    Drill-down of Metrics for Typical Diagnostics Scenarios

    Performs drill-down analysis of the metrics, such as the application response time, number of requests, and error rate. You can view the analysis results by application, event, or database.

    Capture of Unusual and Slow Transactions

    Analyzes timeouts and exceptions based on traces and automatically identifies them in the relevant call operations, such as SQL statements or MQ API operations.

    Transaction Snapshot Query

    Intelligently collects trace-based unusual transactions and identifies the sources of exceptions or errors by troubleshooting detailed data.

  • Frontend Monitoring

    Real-time user experience monitoring.

    High Time-efficiency

    Detects the real-time response time and error rate of the websites that users access.

    Monitoring Analysis Using Multiple Dimensions

    Analyzes user access rates and errors by geological region, ISP, or browser.

    Page Exception Monitoring

    Monitors and diagnoses the performance and success rate of asynchronous API operation calls.

  • Custom Monitoring

    Advanced custom business monitoring.

    Diversified Data Sources

    Supports multiple types of real-time data sources, such as logs, SDKs, Message Queue, and Loghub.

    Real-Time Orchestrations of Computing and Storage Resources

    Allows you to orchestrate real-time computing and storage modes based on the specified dimensions and calculations.

    Allows you to orchestrate real-time computing and storage modes based on the specified dimensions and calculations.

    Quickly integrates the monitored datasets with the ARMS alarm and dashboard platform to provide monitoring capabilities in multiple scenarios.

  • Alarm and Dashboard Platform

    Centralized alarm and dashboard capabilities.

    Alarm Customization

    Allows you to configure alarm policies based on the comparison results and metrics of various datasets.

    Dashboard Customization

    Presents monitored data in real time by using various visualizations, which can be applied to multiple scenarios such as online analysis and full-screen display.

How it works

  • Quick Building of Business Monitoring Capabilities
  • Complete Business Troubleshooting
  • IoT Monitoring
Quick Building of Business Monitoring Capabilities

Quick Building of Business Monitoring Capabilities

Quickly Build Business Monitoring Capabilities with Fast Response

Provides quick access to multiple data sources to help users quickly build multiple types of business monitoring capabilities and integrate with downstream applications.


  • Multiple Data Sources

    Supports diversified data sources for monitoring.

  • Complex Aggregate Computing

    Supports aggregate computing and storage to monitor distributed data.

  • Multiple Monitoring Result Presentation and Alarm Methods

    Provides a centralized platform that integrates dashboards, alarms, and APIs.

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Complete Business Troubleshooting

Complete Business Troubleshooting

Complete Business Troubleshooting in Distributed Application Scenarios

Build a complete business troubleshooting system based on the trace information in a distributed environment.


  • Business Monitoring in a Distributed Environment

    Quickly build a business monitoring system in a distributed environment.

  • Business Trace Query in a Distributed Environment

    Allows you to query traces by BizIDs and trace IDs in a distributed environment, and query the relationships between BizIDs. For example, you can query the orders and logistics about a specific transaction, or you can query unusual transactions and the related commodities.

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IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring

IoT Monitoring for Large Amounts of Data

ARMS can quickly collect, calculate, demonstrate, and generate alerts for large amounts of IoT data. This can improve the compute and monitoring capabilities of IoT networks.


  • Mobile Terminals

    PV and UV statistics on mobile apps, user region distribution statistics, and new and returning user statistics.

  • IoV

    IoV statistics including the vehicle online ratio and faults.

  • Industrial Internet of Things

    Production equipment statistics, including the production status, overall power, and information about unusual equipment.

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