Alibaba Cloud Initiates Data Protection Pact for Worldwide Cloud Consumers at Its Inaugural Data Technology Day

July 22, 2015

Beijing, July 22, 2015 – Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary, issued a Data Protection Pact and rolled out 14 cloud products and 50 cloud solutions at its inaugural Data Technology (DT) Day today in Beijing. More than 2,000 elites, including developers, entrepreneurs, government agencies, traditional industry players, and Alibaba Cloud's global partners participated in this event.

Data Protection Pact

Customers using cloud services have entrusted their data and privacy to cloud service providers. In this Data Protection Pact, Alibaba Cloud outlined its commitment to protect consumers and business data privacy. At the event, Simon HU, president of Alibaba Cloud, announced the pact and promised to strictly abide by this pledge to protect user data. Hu encouraged the entire industry to collectively exercise the self-regulation that is vital in promoting the sustainable development of the Data Technology economy.

"We aim to make cloud computing the engine of the Data Technology economy, and Big Data a driving force of economic development," Hu said. "Alibaba Cloud will continuously be committed to building a cloud-computing ecosystem to efficiently and securely serve global clients."

Alibaba Cloud built the first analytics-driven cloud-computing security system in China. To protect user data, Alibaba Cloud analyzes more than 100TB of information each day to detect security threats such as weaknesses in software programs, malware and unsafe IP addresses.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils Its Comprehensive Slate Cloud Products and Solutions

During Data Technology Day, Alibaba Cloud unveiled its full landscape of cloud-computing products and solutions, detailing how they have been used in recent years to help traditional enterprises improve the efficiency, scalability and cost-effectiveness of their I.T. platforms. Alibaba Cloud has developed more than 14 cloud products and 50 solutions to meet the needs and demands of enterprises and individual developers across eight sectors, including gaming, multimedia, e-government, medical treatment, IoT (Internet of things), and finance. Additional solutions are provided by more than 200 companies partnering with Alibaba Cloud, a number that is expected to grow to more than 2,000 over the next few years.

New solutions from Alibaba Cloud include Solid State Drive (SSD) cloud storage servers with strong read-write capability, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) systems used to build hybrid cloud and cloud databases compatible with Oracle systems, and batch computing services used in gene sequencing and computer-graphics rendering.

"The huge amount of data and advanced computing capacity has brought great business opportunities to the industry," said Wensong ZHANG, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Cloud. "Deep learning and high-performance computing have been widely adopted in Alibaba Group for internal use. Alibaba Cloud will roll out high-performance computing services and accelerators based on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology that could be applied in image recognition and deep learning to expand the boundaries of business."

Currently, government agencies and state-owned enterprises like Guizhou Province, Haidian District in Beijing, and Asia's biggest oil refinery Sinopec have adopted VPC, which enables them to operate businesses efficiently. Alibaba Cloud's cost-effective rendering technology was used in the production of the computer-animated movie "Kunta" and Shenzhen-based Rayvision, a provider of cloud computing and rendering services, also uses the technology.


Alibaba Cloud Data Protection Pact
July 22, 2015 | Beijing

Customers using cloud services have entrusted their data and privacy to cloud service providers. In this Data Protection Pact initiated by Alibaba Cloud, we have outlined our commitment to protect consumers' data privacy.

The world is rapidly transitioning from an IT (Information technology) Economy to a DT (Data Technology) Economy. Traditionally unstructured, undiscovered, and underutilized Data can now be activated and leveraged as a new fundamental energy source. We firmly believe that Data, not oil, is the future.

From the development of PC to mobile, to the Internet of Things, the explosion of Data is bringing about a new era of opportunity. It is clear to us that the future of all social and commercial activities will be founded on and driven by the Internet; with Cloud Computing as a public service, and Data as a resource. What this also means is that Data will become the most valuable asset every individual, and organization owns.

Cloud Computing and Big Data are two sides of the same coin – the Cloud has provided an environment for the storage, computation, mining and sharing of Big Data. The synergy between Cloud Computing and Big Data has revolutionized, unleashed the enormous potential and value that Big Data can offer. As a platform-based technology company, Alibaba Cloud has been committed to providing safe, reliable Cloud Computing and Big Data services since its inception in 2009.

Here is our proposal to the technology industry and the entire society:

1. Customers, such as individual developers, companies, governments, and social institutions, have absolute ownership over any and all data generated on the Alibaba Cloud platform, including the rights to freely and safely access, share, exchange, transfer or delete their data at any time.

2. Customers have the right to select whatever services they choose to securely process their data. This data cannot in any way be altered or transferred by Alibaba Cloud.

3. As such that banks are obligated to protect clients' financial assets, the obligation also falls on Alibaba Cloud to protect our customers' data. It is the responsibility and duty of Alibaba Cloud to establish a set of strict management, control and internal audit systems, as well as strive to continuously improve our threat protection, disaster recovery and other capabilities to strengthen the protection we offer to customers regarding data privacy, integrity, and accessibility.

Without the self-discipline exercised by the banking industry, the financial and economic prosperity that exists in modern-day society would not have ensued. Similarly, without common consensus and concrete action dedicated to data protection, the future for the DT Economy would be dim. We hereby promise to strictly abide by this pledge, and encourage the entire industry to collectively exercise the self-regulation that is vital in promoting the sustainable development of this Data Technology Economy.

About Alibaba Cloud

Established in September 2009, Alibaba Cloud develops highly scalable platforms for cloud computing and data management. It provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to support the participants of Alibaba Group's online and mobile commerce ecosystem, including sellers, and other third-party customers and businesses. Alibaba Cloud is a business within Alibaba Group.