Alibaba Launches Dual-mode SSD to Optimize Hyper-scale Infrastructure Performance

March 19, 2018

Alibaba has announced today the launch of a new system that aims to optimize the storage performance of hyper-scale infrastructure in addressing increasing demands from usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.

A Dual-mode SSD (Solid State Drive), a storage device which supports both Open-Channel Mode and native NVMe mode, has been developed by the Alibaba Infrastructure Services team, and an optimal software/hardware integrated solution based on the Dual-mode SSD is currently being deployed to Alibaba's internal servers. It is expected this novel storage system will lead to a 75% reduction in read latency and enhance the overall storage performance of data centers by as many as five times.

"The increasing proliferation of AI and cloud computing has led to more sophisticated demands in data centers, while traditional storage systems face severe limitation in meeting such demands. Against this background, Alibaba has pioneered the research and development of a new storage system, the Dual-mode SSD infrastructure. This underscores our commitment to driving the innovation and optimization of technology infrastructure in a new AI and cloud era," said Shu Li, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Infrastructure Services.

"By creating and sharing the Dual-mode SSD specification, we are also working with different manufacturers on related firmware and hardware products, leading to the fast development of SSD-centered infrastructure and ecosystems," Li added.

For more information about the Dual-mode SSD infrastructure and products, please refer to the link below: