Alibaba Cloud Showcases Solutions that Enable Local Digital Transformation in Hong Kong

May 16, 2018

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has had a long-standing commitment to developing the cloud ecosystem, supporting technology and importantly local talent in Hong Kong. The Cloud Expo Asia, which opened in Hong Kong today (16 May 2018), provides a platform for the company to highlight some major success stories and demonstrate the breadth of experience that is being brought to this market.

Alibaba Cloud is one of the largest public cloud services provider in the region, offering a portfolio of 205 industry solutions. Clients and partners span across the aviation, finance, logistics, media and retail sectors and includes a range of well-known brands such as HK Express, Pacific Coffee, I.T, PCCW Global and Equinix.

Leo Liu, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong, Macau and Korea said, “Alibaba Cloud has achieved significant growth in Hong Kong by creating new opportunities for the local digital economy. From setting up our first global data center five years ago, to serving thousands of local clients and partners today, we are committed to an active role in the city’s digital technology, cloud computing and cloud talent development. Our aim is to deepen our resources in Hong Kong and we are particularly looking at digital transformation in vertical industries, research, innovation and further development of the ecosystem.”

At the Expo, Alibaba Cloud showcased how its solutions have helped a number of notable local clients grow and achieve digital success:

  • HK Express – the company’s monthly promotion campaigns have created unpredictable traffic spikes. Alibaba Cloud’s experience in managing traffic spikes with its cloud solutions, as well as an on the ground client support team to work closely with the company’s engineers are all parts of our reliable, scalable, elastic and secure cloud service for HK Express.
  • Pacific Coffee – the company has adopted a basket of Alibaba Cloud products including ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), SLB (Server Load Balancing), RDS (Relational Database Service) as well as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). It plans to use these to rapidly develop its online consumer interactive system allowing the company to flexibly process payments and manage membership, as well as launching promotional campaigns using a single platform.
  • China Inncidustrial Securities International Finaal Group – the company has leveraged a range of services within Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure in order to improve overall online security capability and enhance services to its customers across mainland, Hong Kong and overseas, bringing its customers more efficient user experience.

Alibaba Cloud has invested substantial resources in building out a global cloud services network and digital infrastructure in Hong Kong and Macau. As a result, its data storage and processing capability has doubled since the establishment of the first data center in Hong Kong five years ago. Amongst the company’s latest initiatives is the inauguration of Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong and Macau Eco Alliance, an open program that provides enterprises from a range of industries to access Alibaba Cloud’s extensive suite of solutions and international partners.

Securing a robust talent pool in the region is another focus of Alibaba Cloud. Create@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest has become a signature event that supports the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and Macau. Alibaba Cloud Academy has also launched the “Create @ Hong Kong” talent development program, through which Alibaba Cloud offers training to students of all levels as well as staff in technology startups and IT practitioners. Startups will be able to meet potential investors through the program and outstanding participants will be offered job opportunities.

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