Alibaba Cloud Launches "Apsara Stack Agility" Integrated with Docker Enterprise Edition

April 20, 2017

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, today launched Apsara Stack Agility at Docker's annual conference, DockerCon. Integrated with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), the Apsara Stack Agility is a dedicated enterprise cloud platform running on bare metal systems for providing both private IaaS capabilities and Containers as a Service (CaaS) functionality for enterprises. This powerful solution allows enterprises to deliver a self-service IT capability leveraging containers for both the full application lifecycle and for the infrastructure on which the containers run.

By deploying Apsara Stack Agility, enterprises in China will be able to enjoy a private commercial container platform offered by Docker, backed by the technology behind Apsara, Alibaba Cloud's large-scale computational engine, that brings in infrastructure services, distributed storage management and enterprise network docking.

"As part of our commitment to the development of container technologies, Apsara Stack Agility, through our partnership with Docker, offers agility and stability to enterprises. This creates significant value for enterprises as it combines the industry-leading Docker EE container platform with Alibaba Cloud's extensive experience in container and other cloud services offerings," said Hong Tang, Chief Architect of Alibaba Cloud.

Apsara Stack Agility stands out for two major benefits: high agility and high scalability. The agility achieved by the use of Docker containers enables enterprises to develop and deploy applications more efficiently, significantly lowering the time to market. High scalability offers the platform stability required to continuously deliver services under high traffic. The power of Alibaba's cloud has been proven with the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in 2016, in which Alibaba Cloud supported peak traffic of 175,000 transactions per second.

Nick Stinemates, Vice President of Business Development & Technical Alliances at Docker said, "Close collaboration with Alibaba Cloud means Docker can bring its fully integrated container platform, Docker EE to Chinese enterprise users. Docker EE integrated with Apsara Stack Agility delivers the usability, security and portability features sought after by enterprises in private and hybrid cloud solutions."

Alibaba Cloud and Docker announced their commercial partnership in October 2016 to drive the adoption of containerized applications in China. Alibaba's enterprise users will now be able to integrate Apsara Stack Agility seamlessly with their existing cloud solutions and build their own modern application and management platform.