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  • Elastic Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Deliver Elasticsearch on Alibaba Cloud
    October 2017
    • The new service will include Elastic’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, and X-Pack features
      Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, and the Elastic Stack, the most widely used collection of open source products for solving mission-critical use cases like search, logging, and analytics, today announced a new partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, to deliver a joint hosted Elasticsearch offering on Alibaba Cloud for the China market. Unveiled today during a keynote at The Computing Conference 2017, the new service , Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch, will allow Alibaba Cloud customers to deploy Elastic’s powerful real-time search, ingestion, and analytical features as a hosted and turnkey solution.
    • "As a leading global cloud provider, Alibaba Cloud always aims to offer our customers access to the most advanced products on our platform to give them a competitive edge and to spur innovation," said Yeming Wang, Deputy General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Global. "Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch will be a highly differentiated service as it uses Elastic's advanced search product and powerful X-Pack features across every tier of our service in a way that is easy to get started, consume, and manage."
    • Available immediately, Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch can be accessed as a simple add-on to cloud computing services used by a customer. This new product will give developers a turnkey, hosted experience for embedding Elasticsearch's real-time search capabilities into their new and legacy applications, ingesting data into Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch using Logstash or Beats, visualizing the real-time and historical data in Kibana dashboards, and automatically comes with Elastic's X-Pack features, such as security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, Graph analytics, and machine learning. Alibaba Cloud and Elastic will also work together on technical enablement, keeping the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch service up-to-date with the latest features, as well as making logging and other services available in the future.
    • "China is a growing market for us, and over the past few years, we've seen the Elasticsearch community organically expand to more than 5,000 developers," said Shay Banon, Elastic Founder and CEO. "By partnering with China's largest cloud provider, Alibaba Cloud, we will be able to jointly accelerate the pace of innovation for China's massive developer ecosystem to build, host, and manage their applications with Elasticsearch's real-time capabilities and our powerful X-Pack features like security, alerting, and machine learning."
    Alibaba Cloud and Red Hat Join Forces to Bring Increased Flexibility with Open Source
    October 2017
    • Alibaba Cloud joins Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program; Companies collaborating to benefit customers moving to the public cloud
      Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA), and Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions today announced that they will join forces to bring the power and flexibility of Red Hat's open source solutions to Alibaba Cloud's customers around the globe.
    • Alibaba Cloud is now part of the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program, joining a group of technology industry leaders who offer Red Hat-tested and validated solutions that extend the functionality of Red Hat's broad portfolio of open source cloud solutions. The partnership extends the reach of Red Hat's offerings across the top public clouds globally, providing a scalable destination for cloud computing and reiterating Red Hat's commitment to providing greater choice in the cloud.
    • In the coming months, Red Hat solutions will be available directly to Alibaba Cloud customers, enabling them to take advantage of the full value of Red Hat's broad portfolio of open source cloud solutions. Alibaba Cloud intends to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a pay-as-you-go model in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.
    • By joining the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program, Alibaba Cloud has signified that it is a destination for Red Hat customers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and partners to enable them to benefit from Red Hat offerings in public clouds. These will be provided under innovative consumption and service models with the greater confidence that Red Hat product experts have validated the solutions. Launched in 2009, the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program is designed to assemble the solutions cloud providers need to plan, build, manage and offer hosted cloud solutions and Red Hat technologies to customers. The Certified Cloud Provider designation is awarded to Red Hat partners following validation by Red Hat. Each provider meets testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supported and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments.
    • In addition, in the coming months, Red Hat customers will be able to move eligible, unused Red Hat subscriptions from their datacenter to Alibaba Cloud, China's largest public cloud service provider, using Red Hat Cloud Access. Red Hat Cloud Access is an innovative "bring-your-own-subscription" benefit available from select Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Providers that enables customers to move eligible Red Hat subscriptions from on-premise to public clouds. Red Hat Cloud Access also enables customers to maintain a direct relationship with Red Hat - including the ability to receive full support from Red Hat's award-winning Global Support Services organization, enabling customers to maintain a consistent level of service across certified hybrid deployment infrastructures.
    • Supporting Quotes
      Mike Ferris, vice president, Technical Business Development and Business Architecture, Red Hat
    • "Our customers not only want greater performance, flexibility, security and portability for their cloud initiatives; they also want the freedom of choice for their heterogeneous infrastructures. They want to be able to deploy their technologies of choice on their scalable infrastructure of choice. That is Red Hat's vision and the focus of the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program. By working with Alibaba Cloud, we're helping to bring more choice and flexibility to customers as they deploy Red Hat's open source solutions across their cloud environments."
    • Yeming Wang, deputy general manager of Alibaba Cloud Global, Alibaba Cloud
    • "As enterprises in China, and throughout the world, look to modernize application environments, a full-lifecycle solution by Red Hat on Alibaba Cloud can provide customers higher flexibility and agility. We look forward to working with Red Hat to help enterprise customers with their journey of scaling workloads to Alibaba Cloud."
    Alibaba Cloud attended 2017 SAP Live Business as a strategic partner
    September 2017
    • Dr. Min Wanli, AI scientist at Alibaba Cloud, delivered a keynote speech, in which he talked about the past and present of Alibaba Cloud and the achievements that have been made in its strategic partnership with SAP. The number of Alibaba Cloud's paying cloud computing customers has crossed the 1 million mark. According to research firms such as Gartner and IDC, Alibaba Cloud not only is the biggest cloud computing vendor in China, but also takes a leading position in the world. Now the focus of the partnership is being shifted to external customers. The two parties will work closer on the AI area, in a bid to create more value for customers by speeding up their digital transformation initiatives.
    • It is widely accepted that AI has the power to improve performance. How to harness AI to conduct market analysis and precision marketing has become a topic that CIOs think about. As noted by Dr. Min, Alibaba Cloud is looking to combine its big data and AI capabilities with the offerings from SAP, and thus to deliver smarter and more value-added business solutions to customers.
    • Sun Yao, technical director at the business cooperation department of Alibaba Cloud, delivered a speech titled The Story between SAP and Alibaba Cloud. Since their strategic partnership was announced at The Computing Conference 2016 in April 2016, the two parties have been working closely in SaaS, databases, enterprise applications, and industry-specific solutions.
    • Alibaba Cloud has been certified for SAP HANA, meaning that the customers can safely deploy and run their SAP HANA–based business systems on Alibaba Cloud. As part of the plan, Alibaba Cloud is also teaming up with SAP to facilitate the deployment of S/4 HANA ERP systems on Alibaba Cloud.
    • With the combination of SAP's rich experience in enterprise management software and Alibaba Cloud's strengths in elastic scalability, rapid deployment, high stability, and global infrastructure, customers can easily adapt to business changes and deploy their business systems more quickly. This also helps maintain the continuity and stability of their business systems, and reduce the costs for running IT systems.
    • During the two-day event, Alibaba Cloud attracted a large number of visitors to its booth. The enterprise-class SAP Hybris e-commerce solution was demonstrated and made a hit among the attendees.
    • In E-Commerce systems, the system load is often distributed randomly, and there could be huge difference between the load peak and the load valley. The demand for high, dynamic scalability has always been the biggest pain point in building e-commerce solutions. This scalability is required not just for computing resources, but for middleware and relational databases as well. With that in mind, Alibaba Cloud has established a comprehensive partnership with SAP, which not only covers cloud infrastructure, but also security and middleware. It is hoped that Alibaba Cloud's proven technologies like Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) and Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) will be leveraged to bring the highest possible elasticity and scalability to SAP Hybris e-commerce systems, and thereby serve customers better.
    • SAP's flagship products including SAP HANA One, SAP Cloud for Customer, and SAP Business By Design are now available in the Alibaba Cloud market. As the partnership goes further, more SAP enterprise applications will be made available on Alibaba Cloud to support the needs of customers.
    Alibaba Cloud Officially Supports HashiCorp Packer and Terraform
    August 2017
    • We are excited to announce Alibaba Cloud’s support for HashiCorp's core packaging and infrastructure provisioning tools - Packer and Terraform. Users can now use these tools to speedily deploy their applications and infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud.
    • Customers across the world have adopted HashiCorp’s core provisioning tools to improve their application delivery workflows across heterogeneous environments. With the support of Terraform and Packer, Alibaba Cloud customers can have the same powerful workflows to manage their global infrastructure. As a result, customers can save time and cost on infrastructure management, and focus on delivering business-critical needs.
    • Read on to learn more about the HashiCorp workflow for infrastructure automation on Alibaba Cloud.
    Haivision Low Latency Video Streaming Solutions Now Available on Alibaba Cloud
    June 2017
    • Haivision, a market leader in enterprise video and streaming solutions, announced that the Haivision Media Gateway is now available on Alibaba Cloud, bringing low latency, cloud-based video transport and distribution solutions to customers in China and APAC Markets.
    • As the first of many Haivision solutions to be available on Alibaba Cloud, the Haivision Media Gateway helps broadcasters and enterprises easily and securely transport high-quality video over the Internet and corporate networks for live backhaul and distribution. An important component in Haivision’s suite of end-to-end video streaming solutions, the Haivision Media Gateway enables organizations to take video streams from one network environment and send them into any other network, including LANs, MPLS, satellite IP, and the public Internet.
    • The Haivision Media Gateway is powered by Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology which optimizes live video transport across unpredictable networks by assuring quality-of-service when faced with packet loss, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth. The Haivision Media Gateway with SRT utilizes the Internet as a means to bridge facilities for live video transport, offering significant operational flexibility and cost savings over satellite or custom network infrastructures.
    • “Over the past year, Haivision’s presence in APAC has grown significantly with the opening of our new Chinese office based in Shanghai, increasing demand for enterprise video and streaming solutions, and new customers,” said Mirko Wicha, President and Chief Executive Officer at Haivision. “By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s powerful cloud computing technology and extensive business coverage, we expect to further grow our business in APAC and other markets, and give our customers efficient, flexible and scalable video workflows.”
    • About Haivision
      Haivision, a private company founded in 2004, provides media management and video streaming solutions that help the world’s leading organizations communicate, collaborate and educate. Haivision is recognized as one of the most influential companies in video by Streaming Media and one of the fastest growing companies by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. Haivision is headquartered in Montreal and Chicago, with regional offices located throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. Learn more at
    Alibaba Cloud and Docker — Strategic Partnership Agreement on the Provisioning of Container Service to Enterprise Clients
    October 2016
    • Hangzhou, October 13 – At The Computing Conference 2016, Alibaba Cloud and Docker, a global leader in container services, reached an agreement on a strategic cooperation in the area of container service. With this partnership, Alibaba Cloud can now provide clients with even more advanced cloud application management services.
    • With this partnership, both parties will work together to develop open-source container technology and to deliver localized Docker services to clients. Docker has chosen Alibaba Cloud to provide infrastructure services for its Docker Hub in China. Alibaba Cloud has also obtained the rights to operate the Commercial Docker Engine and the Docker Datacenter, and is bringing enterprise-class support and consultation services to Docker's clients. This partnership also makes Alibaba Cloud an official Docker cloud services provider.
    • The Docker technology is one of the most popular open-source technologies in recent years. Docker is currently being used to transform the entire life cycle of enterprise applications – from development to build, release, and run. Previously, Docker has partnered with other technology giants, but Alibaba Cloud is Docker's first official partner in China.
    • Alibaba Cloud began to provide container service in 2015, and has since then gained significant technical expertise and made sustained investments in container technology. Alibaba Cloud provides a diverse array of container-related solutions such as DevOps and microservices. This allows enterprise clients to achieve lower costs of maintenance as well as enhance delivery efficiency up to 13 times by upgrading their applications in a more reliable, efficient, and secure manner. With the "build once, run anywhere" feature of container service, Alibaba Cloud helps clients seamlessly migrate applications into the cloud environment.
    • The introduction of services like Docker Hub to China will deliver a better experience to Chinese developers and facilitate the growth of China's technical community. Alibaba Cloud's powerful cloud infrastructure will greatly enhance the user experience of Docker Hub for domestic users.
    • Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) is currently making use of Alibaba Cloud's container service to build an application development and sharing platform for genetic data. Additionally, Nanjing Router Software Co., Ltd. is conducting its DevOps process using Alibaba Cloud's container service in order to provide SaaS services to its enterprise clients. The developers at Xueba100 are also deploying microservices and optimizing the DevOps process using the container service.
    • "We are very happy to bring Docker's container technology, the Commercial Docker Engine, and the Docker Datacenter to China,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. "We have chosen an industry-leading partner so that we will be able to provide even better services to our shared clients."
    • "Through our strategic partnership with Docker, Alibaba Cloud will be able to provide enterprise clients with a comprehensive suite of cloud services, and empower our clients to realize the transformation made necessary by new technologies," noted Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud.
    Alibaba Cloud Announces Plans for Strategic Partnership with SAP
    April 2016
    • Shenzhen, China, April 20, 2016 - Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group today announced plans to enter into a strategic partnership with SAP China, with a goal of jointly delivering enterprise-class cloud computing services to companies in China. The alliance aims to accelerate the introduction and adoption of enterprise-class cloud computing across multiple industries to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation.
    • The partnership initially plans to focus on integrating the resources of Alibaba Cloud and SAP on the Alibaba Cloud platform. Businesses are expected to benefit from a versatile, one-stop-shop cloud computing environment that is enabled by Alibaba Cloud’s high-reliability and high-performance cloud infrastructure, SAP’s world-leading enterprise-class database and business application solutions and SAP’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings -- all interoperating seamlessly.
    • Alibaba Cloud intends to collaborate with SAP to jointly market and deploy SAP HANA One and SAP’s SaaS solutions, enabling businesses to reap the benefits of SAP applications and Alibaba Cloud’s powerful cloud computing resources more conveniently.
    • Mark Gibbs, President of SAP Greater China said, “Alibaba Cloud is China’s leading public cloud platform, and SAP is deeply focused on deploying its cloud portfolio and services in China. Through this win-win partnership in the Cloud, we will collaboratively grow the ecosystem and bring more innovative cloud solutions to China market. Together, we will help enterprises to simplify their IT infrastructure, realize business value and accelerate digital transformation.”
    • Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud said, "Alibaba Cloud is delighted to work with SAP on a strategic alliance that will help Chinese companies and businesses around the world in their transformation from Internet Technology (IT) to the emerging age of Data Technology (DT). Cloud computing has become the basis of a new economy based on data, driving technological innovations that push the traditional boundaries of business farther than ever before and creating greater value for all stakeholders. Together, Alibaba Cloud and SAP will seek to build a unified ecosystem that makes cloud computing more accessible to businesses and organizations everywhere and converts computing power into commercial benefit."
    • Alibaba Cloud is one of the world's leading cloud computing platforms, and China's largest, with services covering more than 200 countries and regions. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing and big data services to more than 1.8 million users in the finance, transportation, genomics, medical and meteorological industries. In the course of service fulfillment Alibaba Cloud has handled challenging scenarios involving massive numbers of transactions with ease, including during the Tmall “Double 11” Global Shopping Festival and rail ticket sales for the Spring Festival on
    • About Alibaba Cloud
      Established in September 2009, Alibaba Cloud (, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, develops highly scalable platforms for cloud computing and data management. It provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to support participants of Alibaba Group’s online and mobile commerce ecosystem, including sellers, and other third-party customers and businesses. Alibaba Cloud is a business within Alibaba Group.
    Alibaba Cloud Partners with NVIDIA for Artificial Intelligence
    January 2016
    • Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group, China’s largest ecommerce company, became the latest major player to turn to GPUs to speed up its artificial intelligence efforts.
    • Alibaba Cloud announced this week that it will work with NVIDIA to broadly promote the first GPU-accelerated, cloud-based, high performance computing platform in China.
    • It will pitch these cloud-based GPU offerings to its customers — primarily fast-growing startups — for AI and HPC work.
    • The AI Boom Goes Global
      The announcement will accelerate an AI boom that kicked off when researchers plugged the vast quantities of data generated by the Internet into new computer architectures that give machines the ability to teach themselves to do complex tasks.
    • The creation of intelligent machines that can learn like humans do is revolutionizing a broad range of industries. But training the deep neural networks to power new AI applications can take weeks or months on even the most powerful computers.
    • GPUs can slash this time to days. That helps developers innovate faster and train more sophisticated networks so they can deliver more powerful AI capabilities to consumers. That’s why major Internet companies like Alibaba are flocking to GPUs.
    • Accelerating AI with the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform
      The Alibaba Cloud HPC service will give users access to NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPUs to power a range of HPC, AI and deep learning applications.
    • Alibaba Cloud and NVIDIA will also establish a joint lab for research and technology development. The lab will provide Alibaba Cloud users with services and support to help them take advantage of GPU-accelerated computing to create deep learning and other HPC applications.
    • Our goal: to expand the market for deep learning by using the cloud to give innovators access to the latest GPU-accelerated computing technologies. We’re confident the results will amaze us all.
    • Background
      Strikingly is an online platform for building websites and a graduate from the Y Combinator seed accelerator. Strikingly allows users - with little or no development experience - to create mobile optimized websites within minutes. The company takes a mobile-first approach, allowing users to create websites that are enhanced for viewing across all devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
    • Challenges
      As an international website building platform, obtaining an ICP license for China is very important to our users. The actual process of obtaining an ICP license though is quite complex. With Alibaba Cloud’s built-in and easy-to-follow ICP application process, it has helped with our user experience a lot. Also, we switched from another CDN provider to Alibaba Cloud because the previous CDN network was a bit spotty and can be slow sometimes in some areas. Alibaba Cloud CDN has solved this problem for us.
    • Why Alibaba Cloud?
      Strikingly is an international product. To enter the China market, we decided to port and build a fully localized product in China and Alibaba Cloud is one of the top providers for us to choose from. We eventually chose it because it provides the best solution to the problems we were trying to solve. Alibaba Cloud is a leading cloud provider in China and has the biggest potential to become a global leader, so we have the confidence that we can have more integration with Alibaba Cloud in China and globally in the future.
    • Results
      There were two things that impressed me the most.
    • One thing is the smooth ICP application process Alibaba Cloud provides. Our users all use this process to apply for ICP for their own domains, and they all think the process is easy for them.
    • The other thing is the CDN service. We needed a local CDN service to speed up our assets and user sites, and we tried all major CDN providers in China. According to my benchmark result, Alibaba Cloud wins on the number of edge servers, average response time, average download speed in all major ISPs and provinces. It also has developer-friendly API for us to automate our solution.
    • Final Word
      I can see Alibaba Cloud is very eager to improve itself, which is extremely important in the tech world, and it is moving quite fast. With more and better services provided from Alibaba Cloud, more and more startups can just focus on the product and leverage the latest technologies more easily than ever.
    • Background
      Founded in 2013, Zhuyun is a leading cloud services provider in China and a trusted partner to 2,000+ organizations. As an Alibaba Cloud Premier Partner, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their business and IT objectives utilizing Alibaba Cloud products and services. Our own services include Cloud Strategy, System Architecture Design, System Migration, Deployment, 24/7 Monitoring, Maintenance, Business Solutions, Hybrid Cloud Management, and more. Whether you’re completely new to Alibaba Cloud and need guidance on how to begin your cloud journey or already have an Alibaba Cloud environment that you wish to optimize, we are here to help.
    • Challenges
      With the rapid development of technology, more and more of our clients are looking for new and cost-effective approaches to access IT services. Our clients not only realize the transformational potential of cloud computing - whether it's moving into new markets, launching new products, or improving IT efficiency - but they also acknowledge the complexity of migrating to the cloud. This complex process includes significant implications to the client’s business operations and IT infrastructure. Under such circumstances, Zhuyun needs to develop new business models and cloud-based solutions to meet clients’ growing needs.
    • Why Alibaba Cloud?
      Zhuyun has a valued and long-term partnership with Alibaba Cloud that dates back to 2009 when Alibaba Cloud first launched. Since this time, we have focused on growing our technical competencies to complement Alibaba Cloud’s own technological advancements. The reason we choose to work with Alibaba Cloud is their status as China’s largest and most advanced cloud computing platform, their extensive and proven expertise, along with their 2.3+ million customers and 500,000+ paying customers. In this regard, Alibaba Cloud holds a very clear advantage.
    • As an Alibaba Cloud Premier Partner, Zhuyun offers a range of software solutions to sellers (or ISVs) of all sizes, such as Standalone Deployment (Image, Docker, and Resource Orchestration), Application Software (SaaS), PaaS (API), Manual Service Products (services with supervised templates). Our flagship store on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace will help to extend our sales channels and offer powerful technical, business, and marketing support to help our partners establish, manage, and grow a successful business on Alibaba Cloud.
    • Results
      With technological support from Alibaba Cloud, Zhuyun has helped more than 2,000 clients rapidly implement new services. This frees up customers to focus on their core business rather than be impeded by IT obstacles. Our experience with 2,000+ clients has also helped improve our own technological capabilities and ability to serve complex cases. The cost-saving integration process of our services, as well as our customer service ensure strong support for our partners.
    • At present, we have launched 80+ images and 20+ SaaS products on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. Meanwhile, we have recently been working with a leading USA ITSM company to build an Alibaba Cloud-based SaaS product offered on Marketplace. End-users can buy from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and use this software on their site.
    • Final Word
      In addition to being an Alibaba Cloud Premier Partner, Zhuyun is also an authorized Alibaba Cloud Service and Training Center. This demonstrates Zhuyun’s unrivaled commitment to delivering excellence and leveraging the latest capabilities from Alibaba Cloud’s technology suite. We have full confidence in our promising partnership with Alibaba Cloud. The agility, elasticity, and efficiency delivered by Alibaba Cloud will provide a huge benefit to our entire product platform as we constantly upgrade our cloud-based services.