What is ACPN Partner Innovation?

Alibaba Cloud International partners are integral to the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem and help our customers innovate and transform. Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN) Partner Innovation showcases how our leading partners enrich our products, services and solutions to help customers excel. We’d like to invite you to submit your solutions powered by Alibaba Cloud to ACPN Partner Innovation, with entries that demonstrate deep understanding and technical skill considered for posting on our ACPN page and event page.Alibaba Cloud International partners that submit entries selected for posting receive benefits below.

Event Benefits

ACPN Exposure

We will showcase your company story and post your logo on the news section of the ACPN page.

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Competency Partner &Cloud Solution Partner(CSP) program

We offer you the chance to participate in our Competency Partner & CSP Programs and receive professional and promotional support from Alibaba Cloud teams in operations, marketing, sales support and line of business.

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Alibaba Cloud Community Blog exposure

We will feature your company in the Alibaba Cloud Community Blog to provide exposure globally.

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Event Timeline



Event starts


2021.11.13 — 2022.02.13

Eligible partners submit solution information


2022.02.13 — 2022.02.28

Alibaba Cloud experts review the entries


2022.02.28 — 2020.03.04

Winners announced

Event Rules

1. During the submission phase of the event, partners upload solutions developed using Alibaba Cloud resources.

2. Entrants that refer to customers must be accompanied by approval from the customer for them to be named and their involvement in the solution described on the event page and the ACPN page.(Alibaba cloud will not take any responsibility if there are conflicts occurred between partner and customer.)

3. Only Alibaba Cloud International partners are eligible for this event and we welcome entrants from all industries including finance, new retail and manufacturing.

4. Alibaba Cloud experts will review and select the winning entries that will then be displayed on the event page and the ACPN page. Winners will also be informed by email.

Please submit your solution information here.


Event Prizes

Selected rule: submitted solutions will be selected by Alibaba Cloud experts.

  • First Prize x1
  • Second Prize x2
  • Third Prize x3
  • Participation Prize


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