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Smark Global

Company Introduction

The Smark Global story began ten years ago when 3 former college classmates suddenly dreamed to start an IT business just few years after their graduation. We started from developing our own online grading platform, Service-MARK, and inviting enterprises to join. Yet, it is not something we want to see if only people know Internet (I mean, really KNOW) are able to use our service so we decide to switch to a one-stop online solution provider and help businesses to go online.

We make websites and online shops. We even offer system developments, web design, e-commerce support, online marketing, event management and public relations services. These are what we do. But they themselves are only the very last steps in our process. The sites or products that the world sees are actually the outcome of research, analysis, consultancy, creative directory and development.

Service Introduction

Moses ERP

MOSES™ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is mainly used for managing business resources. The benefits of a centralized system to manage / track sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, product, price, logistics, online store and retail store include improved data accuracy and insight for research and development projects, high speed generation of data reports anytime, anywhere and enhanced workflow and operational procedures.

Website Development
For you, the major requirements are:
- Flexibility to scale the website to your development needs
- User-friendly back-end system to modify web contents
- Multi-level administration settings to control user rights and level of data available to staff / departments
- A website that your visitors love to use

For your web visitors, those shape their good perceptions towards your brand include:
- Multiple language support
- Ease to find what they need
- Up-to-date information
- Intuitive design
- Accessibility on different devices
- Secure payment systems

E-commerce Solution
Magento’s flexible, feature-rich open source and enterprise eCommerce solutions help you get the most from your online channel.
Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce web sites. With its rich feature and powerful inbuilt functionalities, 1 of every 4 online businesses have chosen Magento as their e-commerce solution.

CRM System
As your business grows, you may notice the existing manual customer management model has become incapable to cope with the huge volume of customer information, documentation and spreadsheets and lead to the following problems:
- Difficult to compare the effectiveness of different marketing strategies due to unstructured and scattered data
- Sale records becoming unsystematic thus hard to predict and analyze purchase cycle, average sales volume and customer loyalty
- Unable to personalize product based on customer preferences
- Unable to categorize and search information based on shop location, customers age, gender
- High staff turnover rate as well as the loss of valuable insight and info
- Dispute among sales team members regarding account ownership and commission rationing

As an Official Partner (Silver) of Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solutions, the Smark Global customer relationship management system (SGCRM) is integrated with various functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office, Outlook and other platforms such as website, Facebook, online payment platforms, mobile apps and more. Retrieving full historic reports on your customer and their interests and preferences has never been easier! And with crystal clear reports – you have the insight to capture more business opportunities! Our SGCRM system features are presented below.
1. Clear Data Presentation
- Chart, graph or list data in real time
- Filter data and generate insight to make better, smarter decisions

2. Insights to Improve Marketing
- Categorize customers by the information captured, e.g. VIPs, age range, region, etc
- Customize campaigns to different customer segment
- Track customer activity / interest levels

3. Insights to Improve Sales
- Review last time of contact with customers or set contact reminders
- Review customer comments that has been logged into the system and tailor your next conversation accordingly
- Review previous orders made by a customer and tailor your sales pitch accordingly

4. Extended CRM
- Manage other essential relationships with “Extended CRM”, e.g. employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and other stakeholders
- Enhance your operational excellence via improved insight on relationships that matter
- SGCRM can tailor the integration of Extended CRM to suit your needs