June 13 Alibaba Cloud Official Website Upgrade Notice

[Alibaba Cloud] [Official Website] [Upgrade Notice]
Upgrade time: Beijing time 19:10-19:30 on June 13, 2018 (PST 03:10-03:30 on June 13, 2018)
Upgrade reason: In order to provide better service to global customers, we are planning to upgrade the Alibaba Cloud official website from 19:10 to 19:30 on June 13, 2018, Beijing Time.
Upgrade impact: During the upgrade, some users may experience:
1. Alibaba Cloud official website and console access failure;
2. Login, purchase order, or payment failure;
3. OpenAPI call failure;
4. Control operation failure.

If you encounter any of the above problems, please refresh the website and retry. If you have other concerns, please feel free to contact us any time by submitting a ticket.

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