SSD cloud disk of ECS Upgrade notice

Dear Customer,

Alibaba Cloud will upgrade the performance of SSD cloud disk of ECS Service for all regions at 00:00:00 of August 17, 2017 (UTC+8). The details are as follows:

Current performance:

IOPS=min{30*capacity, 20000}

Throughput =min{50+0.5*capacity, 256}MBps

After upgrade:

IOPS=min{1200+30*capacity, 20000}

Throughput =min{80+0.5*capacity, 300}MBps


IOPS: The base of IOPS performance is upgraded from 0 to 1200, and the upper limit remains 20000

Throughput: The base of throughput performance is upgraded from 50 MBps to 80 MBps, and the upper limit for a single disk is upgraded from 256 MBps to 300 MBps

The upgrade will will apply to both existing and new SSD cloud disks.

Alibaba Cloud services will not be adversely affected by the upgrade. Please feel free to contact the Alibaba Cloud international customer service department with any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Alibaba Cloud