Notice of Data Integration commercialization

Dear Alibaba Cloud Customer,

Content: Alibaba Cloud Data Integration has provided one-stop cloud migration and data transmission services for tens of thousands of users since its public beta. Data Integration will be commercially available on April 24, 2018 to continuously provide better data synchronization services to users. If you have activated Data Integration during the public beta and wish to continue using the product after commercialization, you must reactivate Data Integration in Pay-As-You-Go mode on the console . Your existing synchronization tasks will remain unchanged.

You are entitled to use Data Integration in all the regions free of charge for three months as of April 24, 2018. You pay for what you use since July 24, 2018. During the campaign, you can go to the Billing Center of Alibaba Cloud Console to check your expenses and use records, and estimate your future costs accordingly.

For information about billing of Data Integration, click here.

Alibaba Cloud