Notice on Alibaba Cloud’s Network Upgrade in Mainland China Regions (May)

[Alibaba Cloud] [Network] [Upgrade Notice]
Upgrade Cause: In order to improve the stability of network, Alibaba Cloud intends to upgrade the network of certain regions sequentially.
Upgrade Influence: During upgrading, visits on certain links may produce a packet loss in less than 15 minutes (A few remote users may experience a packet loss for the maximum of 1 minute.)
Upgrade Time and Influence:
(UTC+8) 10:00-10:30, May 3, NTT network access to US West 1
(UTC+8) 11:00-11:30, May 3, Cogent network access to US East 1
(UTC+8) 10:00-10:30, May 4, Telia network access to EU Central 1
(UTC+8) 01:00-01:30, May 5, NTT network access to Asia Pacific NE 1
(UTC+8) 02:00-02:30, May 5, Telstra network access to Asia Pacific SE 2
(UTC+8) 01:00-01:30, May 9, Singtel network access to Asia Pacific SE 1
(UTC+8) 01:00-01:30, May 24, NTT network access to Hong Kong